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Author's Notes: Set during Volume 1, Jean and Logan sleep together then he tells her he ed the X-Men to kill Xavier and she beats the crap out of him. Crack's Word of Wisdom: we all wanted to see the bits between the scene where Je an gets into bed with him and the scene where she throws him into the mirror Everyone was absolutely right. As her robe spread apart beneath him, Logan watched as she was revealed.


AN: This story is another cut scene from my X-men Supreme fanfiction series. You can a link to the full series in my profile. This scene takes place after issue 21 f the series and just before the beginning of Volume 2: War Powers. I felt as though Scott and Rogue deserved another scene.

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I didn't get a chance to really explore their love life so here's a quick scene that I think highlights some of the more interesting aspects of Scott and Rogue's relationship. Warning: The content of this story contains graphic sexual material. If you are not of legal age or maturity to view such material, please do not continue and click the back button on your browser.

You have been warned. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. As always, I strongly encourage everyone to review this and my other stories. Please post your comments on the adultfanfiction website or send me your feedback at marvelmaster hotmail.

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You gotta have something better than that! It was She even slipped her arm around his waist and gave his butt a pinch to further reinforce her point. While they ran off to get cleaned up, Rogue stayed behind to keep Scott company as he recorded the scores as he always did. Along the way, they started talking about their relationship. Rogue wanted to know how they made it work as long as they did through their share of difficult times.

Hentai foundry

It was relevant because their relationship had been on shaky grounds lately. Ever since Jean broke up with Logan, Scott had been dividing his time between her and Rogue.

Sometimes he seemed to try too hard. So Rogue figured that if they were going to make this work, they needed to talk about it. Xmen started off as serious, but as had been the case as of late they quickly got side-tracked. They stepped out of the elevator upon reaching the dormitories. They were still in their X-men uniforms, sex and sweaty from their workout. This may have helped contribute to their current topic of discussion. Rogue had her inhibitor necklace on so she could be a bit more affectionate with her boyfriend.

She was making the effort as well to keep the energy in their story lively. It sounded like Scott gave her plenty to work with. Ever consider that your aversion to new thrills may have played a part in why your last girlfriend dumped you? Somehow I doubt we would still be together if we had a little extra thrill sex.

As he looked into that sassy gaze of hers, he saw his uptight reflection. She was right. He probably was taking it a bit too far. He had been so focused on managing his emotions for her and Jean that he forgot to enjoy himself along the way.

Even the leader of the X-men needed a little fun every now and then. That was part of what was still strong between him and Rogue. She provided a much needed outlet for his disciplined emotions and he needed to use that outlet more often. I guess I have been trying too hard to stay regimented lately. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her into a deep kiss to help solidify his commitment. Rogue was more than willing to accept it.

Scott Summers was a dedicated man, even if he was emotionally conflicted if not overly reserved most of the time. It gave them hope that there was still plenty of passion between them. If Scott was willing to be more daring with her, then why not put it to the test? And what might that be?

Scott willingly went along with her in the spirit of this new adventurous mindset. He was both curious and anxious about where this could lead. He knew better than most how Rogue never did anything halfway. She rushed him at a hurried pace down the north wing of the hall. She then made a right turn at the end where she approached a lone room at the end.

No Entry. Violators will be stabbed. Survivors will be stabbed again. Scott nearly swallowed his own tongue upon hearing that.

She was serious about this. She was actually willing to have sex in the room of a man that would probably smell it later on and take his frustrations out on him later. Scott was brave enough to stare down Magneto, the Brotherhood, and sentinels. But this just seemed too daunting. He probably thought that nobody would be foolish enough to break into his room. Rogue demonstrated that she was that foolish by unlocking the door and pulling Scott inside.

But he managed to hold her off just before they entered. This was one mission for which he may may not be equipped.

This is a completely different kind of challenge. Or is that just another excuse to stay all nice and cozy within your comfort zone? Scott, Ah get that you like to be careful. Ya kinda half to be with a girlfriend that kills by touch.

Rogue could tell he was still debating. Her warm hands on his chest certainly added some appeal. She stepped up her efforts by slipping her hand down towards his crotch and giving it a light tug.

This caused his disciplined demeanor to falter somewhat.

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