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In science fiction stories or superhero comicsX-ray vision is the ability to see through physical objects at the discretion of the holder of this superpower.

The most famous possessor of this ability is DC Comics ' iconic superhero character, Superman. Among the best known figures with "x-ray vision" are the fictional Supermanand the protagonist of the film X. She is often considered to be one of the first superheroes.

Although called X-ray vision, this power has little to do with the actual effect of X-rays. Instead, it is usually presented as the ability to selectively see through certain objects as though they are invisible or translucent in order to see objects or surfaces beyond or deep inside the affected object or material.

Thus, Superman can see through walls to see the criminals beyond, or see through Lois Lane's dress to determine the color of her underwear in Superman: The MovieWarner Brothers In such cases, the visions seen are generally in full color and three-dimensional.

X-ray camera body cloth scanner prank men women

How such an effect might be created via x-rays is unexplained the x-rays from the viewer's eyes would need to bounce back to their eyes the same way normal light reflects off objects and into the viewer's eyes: x-rays simply pass through an object and continue on their way. X-ray films are made as x-rays pass through an object and then through the x-ray film.

The images seen on x-ray film are "shadows" of the objects the x-rays passed through on their way to the film. As depicted, x-ray vision is actually more of a form of the supposed psychic ability of remote viewing.

X-ray vision

X-rays have many practical uses for scientific and medical imaging. Security agencies are experimenting with applications of imaging devices which can "see" through clothing using terahertz waves.

Such devices are being deployed in some airports as a way of detecting contrabandsuch as guns, knives, and any other weapons in particular which may be carried beneath a person's clothing, bag, etc. The devices have created some degree of controversy from personal privacy advocates who worry about screeners being able to see people "naked.

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Such imaging is not true x-ray vision, but rather shows variations in heat radiation rising from the skin beneath the clothing which can provide some detail of the body beneath. In comic books in the latter half of the 20th century, there often appeared an advertisement for " X-ray specs " which displayed the face of a smiling boy wearing glasses with spirals on the lenses looking at his hand through which he could see the bones.

While X-rays cannot be used in practice to enable seeing objects through walls, researchers have recently shown how everyday wireless als, such as wi-fi, can be used to achieve x-ray vision.

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A power that lets one see through almost anything.


Good Morning America's consumer correspondent Greg Hunter found there is a new infrared video camera that allows users to see through peoples' clothes.


Users reported in May that the OnePlus 8 Pro's infrared "Photochrom" lens could see through certain plastics and clothes.