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Wand Focus: Illumination Let there be light. Wand Focus: Dislocation is an item added by the Thaumic Tinkerer 2 mod. Sadly Azanor decided to cut these from Thaumcraft 6, so I decided to add new ones. Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes. The Focus allows the user to take and place any blocks, even Tile Entities and things usually unobtainable, like Aura Nodes and their energized counterparts. Thaumcraft wouldn't be Thaumcraft, if it weren't for the wands.


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Thaumcraft research expertise

I'm no expert in how your code works, but it might be because you're returning an empty array in getPossibleUpgradesByRank. Line 81 Is this intentional? If so, I'll pass word along to those complaining about it in my modpack's issue tracker.

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. None have any upgrades whatsoever, even basic ones. Sorry, something went wrong.

I'm hoping this gets fixed relatively quickly At the moment, shadowbeam is relatively useless against other players due to armor. My 'shock' wand focus does more damage, costs less vis, and is overall more reliable. For shadowbeam I would recommend one upgrade that adds a chance to inflict Wither or a similar debuff onto the target.

As for the XP drain wand focus, potency would increase the rate of charging and frugal would use less XP to charge, maybe an upgrade that adds a chance to not use XP to charge the wand.

I don't know. Star New issue. Jump to bottom.

Shadowbeam focus cannot receive enchantments in the Focal Manipulator. Copy link.

Shadowbeam focus not showing particles?

Tested in v2. KatrinaAS closed this Jun 19, Already have an ?

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Fall damage refers to the damage a player character sustains upon falling a large distance.