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Originally posted by osvaldrps.


Originally posted by journeythroughpressure. Loss and fear can worm their way so deeply into a heart that a woman forgets who she was without them.

Better not to notice the aching holes in your soul, to make friends with darkness and terror. The course of her life had molded her and could not be changed back. A life so comfortable with pain creates strange urges, make a woman forget about decency or the natural order of things.

It started so innocently. He looked exactly like Ragnar from behind, held himself with the same quiet resolve. The smile was never for her, of course. She had killed his mother and usurped his inheritance.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

All to win back a man who never ended up returning. To regain a life that could never come back. She looked fan her hall and felt only hollow, kept company with bitterness and regret. They shared Kattegat all winter, Ubbe having returned from England without any of his brothers to tend to his pregnant wife. They would travel to the new lands after the baby was born and she was stronger. Mostly Margrethe slept and Ubbe drank, and he seemed to tolerate Lagertha a viking more each day. She thought about it a little more every time she saw him.

She had thought it would bring them all closer together, but everyone was distant and strained this winter. The prophecy haunted her, and no amount of alcohol could chase off the feeling that she deserved it. She was drunk when she started it; she felt she had been waiting for it to begin for a while now and was ready to get it over with directly.

Lagertha froze, the implications of that simple statement spinning in her head. She was flattered, at least. He found me crying behind the fiction.

But… the second one was more passionate. Torvi pressed her lips together. But I will admit that I felt a thrill. He is very handsome. It pains me to say it out loud, but he is the greatest threat inside the walls of Kattegat. He has not made any moves yet, but I fan the poison that Margrethe must be spilling into his ear. But if we could get Ubbe away from her, he would be easier to control. Torvi leaned viking, face serious.

I had a different plan. Keep reading. This takes place some time after chapter 1 of Hungry Ghosts. He felt clumsy; oafish, even. While Ubbe trudged with labored steps through the fresh snow covering the track leading to the river, Mikala had the grace of a seal, all but swimming through the white fluff in front of them.

It was almost odd to see her unencumbered fiction her child on her back, but she had left Djalo with Aslaug so that they could carry more water back up to the cabin. They could have just melted snow in buckets, but Aslaug said the riverwater carried some special properties.

It was possible she just thought it tasted better, but either way the two of them were willing to oblige her on this clear and windless morning.

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Mikala held two more buckets in her hands ahead of him; she swung them wide and careless as she turned her upper body, peering past her hood with one raised eyebrow at his outburst. His face heated when a playful smile curved her lips; he felt shamed and flattered both to have caught her attention with his blunder.

He found himself wishing for her attention more and more these days. The young mother was so mysterious, her heavy gaze so often drifting to the side like she was thinking ten times more thoughts than she would ever speak.

He wanted to know what they were. He cleared his throat. Summary: A fairy-tale version of how Ivar might have survived the shipwreck in 4x13, despite Aslaug seeing his death in a vision. There were many souls to collect on this day; proud Viking men and women, their vengeful intentions interrupted by the storm that smashed their little vessels to pieces.

Their bodies wafted down in the shifting currents, peaceful now, to the arms that waited below. He was tied to the mast of one of the sinking ships. There was a determined set to his jaw even now, on the edge of death. Most souls had surrendered by the time she reached them. This one… she wanted to look at him a little longer. She traced his handsome brow with one finger. A fine catch that she did not feel like sharing.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She pressed her lips to his quickly and pushed that spark of life back down. This cold is apparently still fucking with my head.

The discussion in the beginning was so brilliant and satisfying. And to see them he for scheming was excellent! Ivar I mean does he even come in non-dark flavors??? Ubbe, because you know that however wild he gets he still is gonna respect your basic humanity… or at least have like a concept of it? Not sure if I could say the same about the darkest Ivar… though there are days where that sounds pretty fun too not gonna lie. Hvitserk was actually my fave before Ubbe for a long time, Marco is just so attractive and you can see the crazy behind his eyes.

OK after looking at this picture can I amend my answer?

Can I be like passed around all three of them? Warnings: I have to call this dubcon because there is too much coercion for the consent to be quality, but the insert characters are written as excited and willing. Without further ado…. Excerpt: The man smiles, a look that he certainly intends to be reassuring. It cannot hide the darkness that is plain in his soul.

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He turns the false friendliness in his wide eyes toward you, nods expectantly as he captures your gaze and waits for you to introduce yourself too. His eyes are such a strange shade of blue, they almost glow. You know this man is not to be trusted but you feel a deep, primal urge to give him whatever he wants when that angelic face is beaming down on yours.

You fiction out your name, not even bothering to hide your terror. Not friends then. You can feel the urgency there, how hard he is working to hold himself back. If Ivar had not appeared, these two would certainly have been after fan virtue. When you glance over you see that Ubbe has a hold of her leg again. His wide eyes flit from hers to yours and he nods his head as if willing you to be agreeable. You exchange glances with your best friend. The question is very unexpected. What do these godless fan care for the holy days? You are suddenly reminded of the stories of the many martyrs, tested for their faiths.

You are not certain you have the strength or spiritual certainty to withstand any such trials. You feel a brief pang of guilt, giving the heathens anything, but surely compliance is your best option for escaping this viking alive. He holds up his hand to show the other Northmen your answer. Your breath catches but his hand crosses past your body, landing in your forgotten basket of berries and plucking up a few. Pairing: Ivar x a minor viking Rating: Teen Warnings: drowning, contemplation of death and mortality, not breathing Words: Summary: A fairy-tale version of how Ivar might have survived the shipwreck in 4x13, despite Aslaug seeing his death in a vision.

Notes: thanks to ivarthebonelessx for the helpful beta! Start reading: There were many souls to collect on this day; proud Viking men and women, their vengeful intentions interrupted by the storm that smashed their little vessels to pieces.

Every time we were together he swept me up like a flood and I never seemed able to find my footing for long enough to stand and show him my true self. He knocked me over with his need for me to be just precisely what he wanted, every time. Words: Rating: Explicit Summary: Sigrunn struggles to explain herself to the two most important men in her life. Big thanks to captainpoopweinersoldier for allowing herself to be spoiled and beta reading for me, pointing out where the flow was wonky… Reassuring me it went in the right direction… Thank you so much!!!

Posts Likes Masterlist Archive. Finish on Ao3. Ubbe was a problem she had yet to solve.

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