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  • I am 47
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  • Italian
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  • I like mulled wine
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  • My hobbies fishing


Your eyes flutter open, then you instantly shut them again with a grimace. Too bright! Everything is white. The floors and walls are painted bright white. The ceiling is a solid set of bright white fluorescent lights, far more than are necessary to light the room. The walls are solid and unadorned, with no windows showing the outside.


My hands caress and stroke your hair… Just watch the spiral; gaze and stare… Round and round, as you fall deep… Your mind dissolves; drift off to sleep….

I sometimes get messages from people asking me to hypnotize them, make them a slave, things like that. Given that the volume is comparatively low, I imagine that I more frequently give a positive or at least encouraging response. Hypnosis is a two-way street - it is as much if not more about what the hypnotee brings to the encounter, as what the hypnotist does.

It also very, very much helps when someone comes to me with genuine eagerness and desire to engage me in the scene.

If you message someone asking them for something, be willing to do a bit of work to get there. Just a few concrete stylistic details or suggestions will do! Hypnosis is an advanced sort of conversation between two people, and it works best when both people invest in the encounter.

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Anonymous asked: Mmm Wannabe a goodgirl Pls? Yes you do… You do want to be a good girl…. Leaving an impression that lingers long after the play…. I can feel the swirl churning in my head….

Hypnosis is a two-way street. That psychedelic ceiling fan attachment working nicely… Every time you awaken, you are instantly captivated… The quickly spinning lights pulsing and pounding away at your mind… The slowly rotating fan blades churning your arousal to insane levels… Round and round… Round and round… I wonder… how long before you break… Again… and again… and again… and again…. Eyes growing so heavy now… Drift off… Let go… Surrender… Feels so good to obey… so good….

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Emily there is my hypno-pet.


Since my brain is pretty much still fried and my writing is on pause, I figured I could at least try to give some advice for others that may wish to give writing kink a shot.


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Mistress told her words and she had to repeat them.