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Taylor Swift sat back in disbelief, looking over the desk to her agent who had an apologetic look on his face as he explained to her just what her own private company had found out. Taylor had arranged her own story up acts from among her group of friends so she could not only help her friends get more exposure but also so that she could go on tour and spend all the time with her friends as well. Everything had been going perfectly until one tabloid comment too many had gotten to her friend and now, the blonde headed mega star was left with one act down.

Sex could make one of the acts stay on stage for a couple of swift songs or you could just play a longer set of songs between the final act and you coming on. Do you understand? Her smoky eyeliner accentuated her stormy blue-grey eyes and as she thought on what the man had said, Taylor sighed and nodded her head.

Bringing her right hand up, she threaded her fingers through her long blonde hair and she found her voice again. We could even just let her rest too. Not mention it to her until we come back to the Americas right? We can get Taylor sorted out for you, you just focus on putting on a crazy good show for those Europeans right?

Taylor smiled and rolled her eyes before pushing her chair back and slipping up out of the chair.

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Standing, the two shared a brief hug before she turned and made her way out of the office and down towards where her parked limo was. Her eyes scanned the inside of the parking building and saw her driver standing by the front of the jet black car, a vape pen in his mouth and he was seemingly texting on his phone. Puffing out the smoke, he looked up from his phone and saw Taylor making her way over to where he was. Taylor smiled to him and pulled her handbag up to the elbow t of her arm Taylor she thanked him and slipped into the backseat of the limousine.

Settling into the car and plugging her seat belt in, Taylor looked up towards the front of the car where the driver was quickly filled in. That made the 22 singer giggle to herself, pushing herself into the backseat of the limo as she let her head fall backwards slightly. Her mind started to wander as she thought about the tour and what was coming up. Closing her eyes slightly, Taylor opened them again as she looked up towards the rear view mirror and over to the eyes of her driver who was now looking at the road.

She always got this excitable before she went on tour and now, she found herself with no real way to escape. Of course, the plane ride to Europe would have given her plenty of time to unwind and destress herself before she would have to get ready to go and perform Taylor now, those options were starting to really dwindle. So, now what could she do? Just go home, play with her cats and then go to bed with one of her toys? Call up one of the escort s she had in her story She could just use her phone and read one of those smutty stories people wrote about her and her friends.

She still really could hold a swift soiree and no one would be the wiser. Chewing down on her bottom lip again, a nervous move she would often make, Taylor let out a breath of air and closed her eyes before she reached into her bag sex plucked her cellphone out to her hands. As her eyes scrolled over the main headlines, Taylor found her eyes settling on the entertainment section. There were a couple of swift, younger guys who were standing together with a pop art style image over them to make their faces really stand out.

Sitting up and clicking on the link, Taylor read over the news article. A pair of New York City Youtubers were now sitting down with one of the many record companies to record their debut album. They were famous for starting off as a comedy double act but eventually moving into a more serious musical act, one of the duo, Cliff, would play the guitar and sing back-up stories while the other guy, Jeff, would take the lead vocals.

They were sitting at a more than comfortable thirty million subscribers, about six million less than her official channel, and they frequently got comments and people sex for them to be more famous. Her thumb came up and brushed against her lips before she thought it over. She could invite these guys on tour with her. That sounded like a good excuse for her to find a way to get her itch scratched and also fill out her tour card.

Watch free taylor swift sex story (taylor xxx)

Scrolling through until she found the name she wanted, Taylor pressed her thumb down and brought her phone up to her ear. The phone rang for a few moments before the woman on the other side of the line picked up. Listen, I know you guys are putting the tour together and everything but I wanted to see if you could pull some strings? I love those guys!

Oh… Oh. You want me to find out where? Taylor nodded her head.

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Tossing the phone back into her purse, the blonde sat back in the car and she felt a rush of relief threaten to break over her. Was she still as horny as before the phone call? Yeah, she probably was as well but the stress was definitely coming to a near stop. Crossing her legs in the back of the car, Taylor pressed her thighs together as various lewd, dirty thoughts started to dance through her mind. Not too difficult in New York like you suggested.

It was the place you went to work on when you first moved to New York. Thanks Nancy!

Tossing her phone to the seat, her eyes floated up to the rear view and she spoke out. The two made eye contact before she nodded her head. Let me take you there now. Looking out into the city, Taylor grabbed her phone again and quickly fired off a text back to her manager who had ly let her know that her friend had needed to drop out of the support act. Ignoring the fact that she was getting messages back just as quickly as she had sent it, Taylor grabbed the small makeup mirror she had brought with her and inspected her reflection.

She knew she looked good, there was enough people that would spam her instagram with lewd comments about what they were going to do to those pictures that she could feel comfortable with it. Despite having to deal with the traffic, the trip was actually pretty short and soon enough, the limo had come to a stop outside of the building.

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Opening the door and walking straight across the sidewalk to the large recording studio in the middle of New York, Taylor stepped inside of the recording studio. As she crossed the threshold inside the base of the building, she had almost directly snapped out of her horny haze and she was back to being the HBIC a lot of her fans, and people on her payroll, considered her to be. The building had been a hotel but it had been changed to a set of office blocks before someone had the idea to merge it into being a set of musical rooms and various other things you could possibly require to make a record in New York City.

The information was easy enough for someone like her though, she could easily say she was fronting the money up and she just wanted to check in or she was just wanting to meet the guys or something along those lines and it would be enough for the person behind the desk to believe her.

Now, with a key card in her hand to the recording studio and the floor that they were recording on, Taylor walked into the lift and pressed the button for the floor. Closing her eyes and doing her best to ignore the arousal that was starting to creep into her mind again, Taylor tried to focus herself on getting a new act for her to go on tour with. Seriously, you might as well just throw some bad Japanese to English translations on it and I can see it being on one of those stupid black discs!

Cliff let out a bored sigh, sick of arguing with his friend before rolling the sleeve of his dark blue henley top up to look at his wristwatch to see just how long they had been inside the recording studio. He knew what they had to work on was important but with them both arguing with each other on how the songs should sound was starting to really grind on his nerves. Looking up towards the vocal shield, Cliff was torn between just moving on to the next song or working on the one they were currently arguing about.

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Cliff got it set up and then hit the play button, almost wincing as he half expected Jeff to dislike it as soon as the track started. The song began and slowly it started to come to life only with the subtle keyboard sounds filling in the track and putting it to life with more of a big bang arrangement. Leaning back and pushing the small headphone into his ear so he could fully hear the song, he turned to look at Jeff who had his eyes closed and was leaning backwards so he could hear the song completely by himself without any real distractions.

Not even thirty seconds had passed before he pulled the headphone out of his ear and shook his head.

Cliff nodded his head silently and unplugged the headphones from the t socket and dragged the tracking cursor right back to the start of the song. Hitting the play button again with the cursor, Cliff sat back and relaxed in the chair as the song started to fill the inside of the small room.

The studio, while small, was actually pretty decent. The floor of the studio was a mix of linoleum and a dark scratchy carpet which held where the seating areas was. Sometimes, they would have an extra set of ears in the room leading the recording process. But, for most of what they were working on was without any sort of guidance due to them having to put the money up to use the studios and relying on Kickstarter money.

While the two men had their backs to the entrance of the studio, neither of them could even tell that they were ed by one more set of ears. Taylor walked inside the room but stopped a little before actually walking in towards the pair of men.

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Looking at them, Taylor could feel herself almost falling back into that horny haze she had been dealing with. Her eyes looked over Cliff and then Jeff and seeing them focusing so hard on their music was enough for Taylor to feel like her heart was racing. She placed her coat on one of the free hooks that were on the wall next to the door and waited for a good moment to introduce herself. As she waited, she caught the sounds of the song they were working on. It came to a stop and as she stepped forward to talk, she was interrupted by either Cliff or Jeff.

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