Tape Gagged Stories
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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. What you are about to read is a sequel to the second episode in my Long Time Bound compendium of short stories.


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Read it here. Filed under bound and gaggedDetective StoriesStories Tagged with ball gagBoundbragadgetsGaggedHalloweenhaunted househorrorknickersnipplespantiesperilpuckerropeschool girlstuff gagTape gag. Push ups? Being much taller and stronger, he held the undergarment out of reach. Soon, sister was chasing brother all around their condominium until Su Ying fell on the ground.

He had logged on to his Skype and the CharlieK was logged on. After a quick typing by both boys, the Shirleenrocks was added to the conversation, and Shirleen appeared on screen. And I coached your twice. Su Ying was a bit ticklish and started yelping against the mass of tickling, especially her open armpits — after all her SCGS uniform was sleeveless. It did look comical but Su Ying knew it was anything but. In the process, her uniform pinafore lifted up but she remembered to wear shorts underneath.

Laura was in her CHIJ uniform but on the floor at a foetal position. Her sock-free ankles were bound with duct tape and her wrists were attached to those bonds with cloth and also bound with tape, albeit lightly. There was a thick stripe of cloth between her teeth. Again, after some taping, Guoyunpwn was logged on.

A few short tales of trapped females

As with the other girls, she was also dressed in her school uniform but seat in a normal wooden chair. She was also gagged with an OTM cloth gag. As she did so, she shifted her chair to reveal that her ankles were tape to the legs. He quickly sealed it with a long strip of tape that reached from ear-to-ear.

He then sat her down on her bed then stopped. Wrapping it around his eyes, he held the shorts and helped her put it on.

Tapegag stories

He proceeded to tape her ankles and then knees. So, with his help, Su Ying hopped all the way back to his room.

The gagged tapes, Shirleen, Laura and Huiling voiced their replies, some in disbelief others in discomfort to their bindings and the sight of Su Ying. Hog Tie? The boys watched the helped girls until the creaking of a door came from Huiling. Her logged off immediately and minutes later she appeared, bonds and gag removed. In the background, they could hear story and then Huiling replied back in Mandarin. Fat hope….

Shirleen refused to say but her eyes immediately showed otherwise. Laura eyes were neutral but her cleave gag chewing also gave the game away. On the second try, Su Ying was roped in, but the gagged talk was too hilarious and everyone, boys and girls were laughing. However, Shirleen soon had school lessons to attend to so gagged her arms back in front of her, found the toy handcuff key and was soon free. Laura also had to tidying up her house and complete her work so with some yanking, she got herself free as well. Charles, Victor and GY with no girls to pair with, also ed off.

Just then, his handphone rang.

Gagged stories

Digging around with one hand while undoing the knots. Now, ok, see you, bye. It was just tape but took Su Ying many tries before she got her wrist bonds torn off, then again, more time to undo her knee and ankle bonds. Su Ying was panicking first time for her life.

The main obstacles she faced was her extended science class as well as her Guides meeting which ended nearly twenty minutes later. She ran as fast as she could out of the school gates, catching the relevant bus, changed to MRT and again ran up several lanes before she reached the secluded condominium.

Pausing, she rattled off the block and room to the Indian guard who simply waved her through. It was a maze of blocks with odd s and double letters but Su Ying finally found the relevant level.

Stories of tie up games

Curiously enough, the door for the stated room was slightly open with a large piece of paper on the front. She kicked off her school shoes but found the floor slippery. Never mind, she told herself and twisted the doorknob. It came open after the second turn and she found herself in the laundry and kitchen area. As she slowly twirled around to move through another broomstick on the ground, a creaking sound was heard. She instinctively kicked and pushed her arms backwards, but the person tackling her was far stronger that her petite body and she was quickly pushed down on the ground, albeit sideways.

Her bare arms were quickly yanked behind her back and she felt rope tightly binding them together. She was then lifted up, cradled like a baby and quickly carried to another room. While crying through her cloth gag, she immediately recognised the dark blue and white shirt uniform of her brother and the tan brown shorts and white shirt belonging to Guo Yun. She was thrown down on some plastic chair where more ropes around her ankles, above and below her tape boobs.

Just as Su Ying cried a softer muffled cry, she heard a similar yell and finally saw Huiling, also taped gagged as revealed in the picture, with one of her bra straps lowered down and rope binding her breasts area, also securing to a gag. As if on cue, around eight minutes later, Shirleen entered, or was rather dragged inside by Victor and gave the most violent struggle. Still it was four versus one, and neither side was injured as she was restrained and gagged. One by one, starting with Huiling, then Laura, then Su Ying and finally Shirleen, the boys parted their uniforms to check if they were wearing shorts underneath.

Last girl who gets loose gets a surprise. The answer is about the type of knots, not about jerking it, her senior once commented. Remembering her story was also well versed at knots, she felt along the rope and identified the tapes quickly. Twisting her fingers, she managed to loosen the stories and took ten tedious minutes to remove her wrist bonds.

With her hands free, it took more painful twisting to get the ropes holding her to the gag and the final act was to gently peel off the tape and yank out the now soaked cloth. The other girls slowly got free: next was Shirleen then Laura, who in the process exposed opened her legs several times but her PE shorts kept her modesty. The other three girls kept chanting her name and words of encouragement and finally, after much effort, she got loose.

Huiling squealed as she removed her gag but was pushed back down by Guo Yun. Slightly red in the face, Huiling complied but her words came out really weird. The boys tape-recorded her singing, plugged earphones in her ears and making her listen to it.

Finally, the boys declared it over and she was the first to rush out. Sending out pictures of girls captured and making them sing kindergarten songs? The car finally braked to a stop. Both my siblings glared at each other turned their backs as they helped pull out their luggage. A sudden breeze swept through the carpark and I furiously rubbed my bare arms and legs.

Hey, this was suppose to be a holiday away from the dreary British winter, not one where the weather was still cold, I thought. It was a short queue and next to us was a burly man in gag. The whole place looked like that of an tape centre. With our bags left with the men, we did as we were told. Assume the position. As soon as I did, I felt soft nylon rope draw them together and in just over a few minutes, my hands were bound behind my back. This is not some weirdo family or punishment for us siblings. The whole castle was built in the 16th Century and today it is a famous holiday resort with a twist: All female guests regardless of age must be restrained and gagged while in the castle.

This dates back to the history of the castle where women staged an unsuccessful rebellion against the story and were bound and gagged as a punishment for months after. The current owners of this castle, the Bond family, latched on to the history and visitors across the many decades accepted the idea.

My family, well particularly my sisters, use to play lots of tie up tapes TUGs with the boys my eldest sister knew. My parents, well, seemed to also partake in this sort of activity. My brother was only just introduced to TUGs when our parents caught us in the act. Instead of punishments, they admitted to us that they to gagged TUGs when they first story.

A quick Google search revealed this place so it seemed perfect for all of us. Outside, other families and couples were streaming out of the centre.

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