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For countless millennia they have evolved alongside the Sith, impacting their culture and arts. Battle breeds, as the name suggests, are bred to fight and guard.

A feature present in all battle breeds are the two sets of elongated, lower canines as opposed to the one of other breed groups. The ragehound is one of the oldest breeds, seen in art and written records that stretch for thousands of years before the Exiles arrived on Korriban.

They are known for being fearless and calm in the heat of battle while maintaining a good nature with their family. The hunting breeds are obviously bred to aid with hunting. Many hunting breeds rely on speed to run down their prey, or stamina to track it over long distances and periods of time. The malikem is an old breed used to run down game. Though not as fast as blurhounds, they maintain greater stamina, allowing them to chase their prey for longer periods of time.

Basic overview

They are known to be quiet, aloof, and reserved. Being affectionate, gentle, and even tempered, they make for excellent pets. The modern kaaset hound descend from Korrbani scent hounds that were bred soon after the rediscovery of Dromund Kaas.

They have an exceptional sense of smell, being able to follow a trail over shallow bodies of water after days or weeks have gone by. They are very friendly, tenacious, and devoted. Like with most civilizations in the galaxy, the early Sith developed keeping livestock early on in their history.

And while they have been used to herd livestock in the past, most are used for a variety of other occupations in the modern Empire. They are commonly seen as guard or security hounds since some of the battle breeds may prove too unruly for non-Sith trainers to handle. They are very alert, curious, and watchful. Grollies come in a wide array of colors and coat patterns that were used to herd small livestock in the more mountainous regions on Korriban being quite nimble in various terrains.

The ziosti shepherd was bred to race strox over long distances on the plains of Ziost. They use their horns and lower canines to poke and prod the strox, guiding them in the desired direction. They are known to be quite brave, energetic, and cautious. Burrow hounds get their name due to the fact that they Swtor commonly featured in gardens where they would seek out the burrows of small animals.

They are playful, clever, and independent. The poofle were originally bred as entertainment animals. Their coat comes in a wide array of colors and is able to be styled into many sith, while their intelligence made them easily trainable. They are sociable, energetic, and graceful.

Playable species

Despite their diminutive size they are aggressive, quick, and courageous. Nayara was the goddess of the hunt and the wilds. Depictions of her vary over time, dynasty, and geography.

And that when a comet appears, it was successful in its endeavor. Its very presence indicates tragedy, disaster or a calamity of some sort. One of the oldest mosaics unearthed features, what historians call, a proto-ragehound. It was not uncommon to see these sorts of warnings at temples and houses. Many Sith kept decorated earthenware and pottery as household items.

Colored-figure vase painting was a common and important style of figural Korribani art during the City-states Period. This particular fragment shows a blurhound scratching its head. Another example from this time period is a figure vase showing a chituka looking up at some bundleberries. Moving forward in time, a colored wood carving shows a wild shepherd chasing its flock. Some parts of Korriban often used colorful, lacquered wood panels to tell stories to children of everyday occurrences.

There is no doubt that these creatures continue to influence Sith, and Imperial, society in the modern age. Several breeds have also been adopted as mascots for various groups and organizations.

Legacy species unlock: sith pureblood

Sunil is a Sith Alchemist who has dabbled in things that would have been better left alone. For now, he maintains it with runes and rituals and aggressively ignores the constant pain the best he can. At least he receives a power spike and some fancy retractable claws from it. She claims him as a good friend, he claims her as These siblings are important OCs that I just recently redeed a little bit.

She wields lightsaber chakrams. Eldest child, took over the house after his father died. He wields a lightwhip. Her death was broadcasted on nearly all of the major Imperial news channels. He recalled an offhand remark she made to him years ago, the context of the broader conversation no longer important. But now that it had actually happened, he found he had no tears for sith.

Even though he once had longing, passion, and love burning in the depths of his heart, there was nothing now except for a small flicker that threatened to extinguish at any race. Scourge turned off Swtor broadcasting device within his small, private sanctum in the Citadel as the skies over Kaas City rumbled with rolling clouds that promised another thunderstorm.

Legacy unlock: sith pureblood

He brought forth the memories of Rosha. Her smile, her laughter, her eyes, the sound of her voice as she sang, or the way she moved and danced to music… And while it was useless to dwell upon them, he stubbornly held onto each memory as if they were fleeting dreams.

Shaking off his dreams of another life, Scourge made his way around the room when a knock Swtor his attention. The race opened to reveal one of the Imperial Guards holding a large, slim tube. With the door closed, Scourge was left in the silence of his dim room as rain began to fall outside. He eyed the tube, slowly turning it in his hands a couple of times before opening one end of it. Inside was a rolled canvas and a sith of flimsi that fell to the floor. Besides, he stuck to still life paintings and Rosha is—or was—a very animated individual. After what seemed like half an eternity he finally gave into her request.

She was so happy and rather smug, until he told her to stay still for more than a minute. Then it was nothing but complaints from her. Scourge managed in the end… after she convinced him to use a holopicture as a reference so she could sit beside him and watch.

While it was unnerving to paint with an audience, his enjoyment of her company, of her warm body pressing against his, outweighed any reservations he had. When he finally finished he was rewarded with a smile from her that made the very stars dim in shame. Yes, it was a happier moment in his life.

For now Scourge pushed the memories and the painting aside as he picked up the flimsi that fell. Scourge stared down at the letter, reading and rereading it. Every word and their meanings became etched into his mind. But one part stood out in particular. A soft sigh escaped from his lips as a drop of water stained the letter.

Sith purebloods

Then another drop followed. Scourge tilted his head up to see if there were any leaks in the ceiling, but of course there weren't. His room was nowhere close to the top of the Citadel. Then where? Slowly he brought a hand up and thoroughly wiped his eyes.

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