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Gamerslegacy : Unfortunately yeah it is too late for that but I do have an idea for them to meet in another story. Disclaimer: Spider-Man is owned by Marvel. Chapter 4: Origins and Powers. Trust me we'll have a bad day if shows up here", Karen said. Still waiting on that lemon with Domino, by the way", said he who must not be named as he sat in a chair in front of a fireplace. Also, it's fucking Dea-".


Julia Carpenter woke up in her bed sweating with a start, she was breathing heavily as she fell back onto her bed and placed her arm over her eyes. So placing something over her eyes was kind of pointless as she could still See the world. It was just habit forming. She was wearing just panties and a loose wife beater top. She was still physically fit and she had and a lot of sable and effort getting her stomach back to a nice flat surface after her pregnancy.

The only problem she had was the wet spot between her legs, her panties were soaked in her juices and she could see her nipples poking at the thin material of her top. Her long red hair was slightly tangled up as she got up to changed out of her spoiled underwear. This had been going on for weeks now, every time she went to sleep she kept seeing things in her dreams, or maybe she should say someone in her dreams.

She kept seeing Peter in various sexual acts with other women, the first time it had happened she had thought fanfiction had been just a dream. She had gotten used to having visions and knowing what was going to happen or what was happening in the world around her but this was getting harder and harder to deal with. Oh sure she had been able to sate herself somewhat through more personal means when she was alone. But masturbation could only do so much, after some time you started to crave the feel of another person. To feel the silver flesh of someone against your own, all the little touches, the sounds, the words spoken in the intimate act.

She needed something to help push these thoughts away, maybe a spiderman shower would help. Going to the bathroom she closed the door and started up the shower.

She stepped in hissing at the cold as she tried to ease the almost burning desire of her body. The cold water seemed to wash it away until she felt better and slowly turned up the heat so it was mildly warm. She grabbed the soap and started to wash her body. She was still in the shower when more images suddenly showed up into her mind, these visions were so vivid that it almost felt like she was living them.

At first it was Peter with the red headed former model and actress Mary Jane, she knew of their past together and of what they had been doing together. She experienced Mary Jane riding on top of Peter, her hands on his chest as she cried out with her head thrown back as she bucked wildly on him, he was holding her hips as he helped her.

This time it was Peter with She-Hulk, she had learned in past visions that Jennifer liked her sex a little rough at times, she liked it hard as she could take it. Most likely all that repressed sexuality was unleashed when she was She-Hulk, in her vision she saw them naked. She-Hulk was up against a wall as Peter fucked her into it, her green legs wrapped around him as he held the jade giant by her ass as he hammered her.

Jen was bucking back thrashing around. She was rubbing her naked body now under the water, her fingers gliding over her beasts and stomach. Peter ran his hand through her hair as she continued to pleasure him. One of her hands was fondling his balls while the other reached down to pleasure herself.

Her fingers started to work herself up as she saw the visions, almost as if she were the women in them as Peter fucked her like he was fucking them. Silver Sable was next, on her hands and knees with Peter behind her fucking her.

Up on a roof top of somewhere in New York it was night and now the image was of Peter in costume or at least most of it. His pants were down around his knees as he was pressing up against Black Cat. Her own costume had been opened and pulled down to her ankles. Because it was a one piece suit she was completely naked except for her mask.

She was pressed up against a brick surface as her large tits slightly graded against it. Julia had never tried anal sex before as she watched the white haired woman take all of Peter inside of her ass.

She had no idea something like that could go up all the way inside, she felt if she tried that it would hurt like hell but Black Cat was enjoying it. All these women getting pleasure from the same man, a man she knew as her fingers kept thrusting again her other hand grabbing hold of the wall in front of her as she was bent slightly forward her mouth open as she tried not to cry out not wanting her daughter to find out what she was doing. Suddenly it finally came, she felt herself cum as she shook a trailing moan escaped her mouth as she rested her head against the wall.

Letting the water wash away the cum from between her legs as she tried to control her breathing. After the shower she made breakfast and saw her daughter off to school. Why was she seeing all of this? It was like she had a pornographic channel right in her mind and Peter was the star. She had wondered once what it would be like to date him back when she was Spider-Woman but they never did. Now she was seeing what it would be like to be his lover through the experiences of other women he was currently with.

That had been a time she wished had never happened since all the things that happened to not only her but everyone.

Then you get her new role as Madam Web and it was hard to date when you could see things ahead of time. True the few times she had gone out she was able to see if the guy was some kind of scum bag or not worth her time. So that saved her a lot of time but it also meant a lot of lonely nights in her bed. Peter was just trying to catch a quick shower before getting back to work, he had snuck out of his lab when he heard the news of trouble downtown from the small TV in his lab he kept on the news at all times for just such a reason.

Turned out Rhino had been up to trying to take out an armored car of all things, well it was a classic and his suit would allow him to rib the doors off without trouble. Still he had finished up, the money would be returned and he hoped to get back to the lab and finish off some work he was in the middle of. He was currently trying to recreate his stealth suit that Kane took when he left town.

So since his place was on the way he needed a quick shower from all the sweat and the fact that Rhino had thrown a damn garbage bin at him to get the smell out. His poor costume however would need a couple of washes, thankfully he kept extra for such emergencies. After Peter was convinced he got the smell off him and what felt like a layer of skin from scrubbing he felt better. He was just getting out of his bathroom only in a towel around his waist to find none other than Madam Web there waiting for him.

He had to admit he had fantasized about her awhile back, back when she was wearing that black and white Spider-Woman outfit. It had hung to her body and had given him a few impressions on what was under it of course. That moment had always made him think that did she have those thoughts as well?

Now before him stood Julia Carpenter and although her blue eyes were blind she was looking right at him with a look he had seen all too often lately. Is this really happening? The last thing he needed was to jump the gun and get a slap to the face because he read the situation wrong, well he would see where this was going.

Peter swallowed equally because he was in fact reading the s correctly and also that she had seen those intimate events. He felt bad for her now, he had dry spells before and suddenly seeing the kinds of things he had been doing without any kind of release would have given him a massive case of blue balls.

Not sure what the female equivalent would be but he did feel bad for her predicament. Powers and Responsibility, do you think you can take the responsibility to help me with this problem? Peter knew that he should get back to work but on the other hand he felt bad for her and hell she was one of the list of women if he was honest had been on his fantasy list back in the day. He looked at her seriously as he pulled her gently closer to him. She hungrily kissed him as it felt like all the built up pressure in her body was suddenly released in a torrent of emotions.

Peter returned it as best he could as he quickly learned just how much in need she was in. Finally they pulled away for a breath before he commented. She pulled off her scarf and wrapped it around the back of his neck pulling him in for another heated round of kissing. He caressed her back as soon one hand found her firm butt giving it a gentle squeeze. She kissed him to his collar bone as she slowly went down his chest, het hands rubbing his upper body as she slowly slid down.

She knelt down as she licked his abs, they were a silver six pack and she always liked that about guys, as she spiderman they looked sexy to her. She felt his hands running through her red hair as she soon found something poking from the cloth around fanfiction waist. She undid the towel letting it fall and freeing his manhood. Looking up close she had to admit he was a great size and he kept himself nicely clean down here.

She gently stoked it a few and getting a feel for it before kissing the tip. She only would go in a little before going back to the head to tease before taking him slightly deeper in long slower slides. With a wet pop she took the cock out of her mouth looking up at him with heated eyes as she wanted more, her body burned with need. She got up and with the scarf around his necked pulled him to the bed. She crawled onto it giving Peter a good look at her ass as the thong she was wearing just for this moment was sable to do.

She turned onto her back as she cocked a finger to him with a smile. Peter smiled back as she crawled on top of her and passionately kissed her hard, pressing his body weight down onto her as the two starting kissing each other, their hands roaming over their bodies exploring each other. Although he did admit for someone that was a mother she had a great body still.

For Julia she ran her hands over his body, knowing full well the kind of things he had been through. She felt all the strength in the muscles under his skin.

She knew all the injuries he had suffered through with her fingers gliding over the skin. She gasped when his fingers found the front of her panties as he gently started to rub her through the material. She decided on giving him some of the same treatment as she reached down to touch his member.

It was already hard in her hand as she softly stroked him. He gave a half growl into her neck making her shudder slightly, she liked that sound nearly animalistic nature of it. Peter pulled back as he was on his knees grabbing hold of the sides of the garment slowly pulling it down her shapely legs. Throwing the garment aside he could see she had shaved herself, and it looked pretty fresh. He ran his hand along the smooth skin as she shifted wanting more.

Peter started to go for his small dresser next to the bed where he kept the condoms before she grabbed his wrist.

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Some time has passed since Peter defeated the Sinister Six and released the cure for those affected by the dragon virus.