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My stepdad has been the disciplinarian in the house since they married when I was One afternoon my mom and I had been arguing over cleaning my room. My mom told him that she couldn't control me, and that I mocked her whenever she'd spank me. I remember him saying in a stern voice, "then you're not doing it right Janice. Then my mother came to my room and said that from now on John would handle discipline in our home. I replied, "whatever, he's not my dad!


I wait in my red-and-white-striped pyjamas for my father to come home from work. I have been bad-mouthing my mother all day long and now I must pay for it. Without knocking first, dad opens the bedroom door. He has taken off his outdoor shoes and on his feet are his bedroom slippers. There are no preliminaries; he goes straight to the action. I watch intently as dad picks up the chair and puts it in the centre of the room. He sits down; reaches his right hand to his left foot and removes a slipper. Then he spre his legs wide.

My heart is racing.

I left school two years ago. I have a job at the supermarket. I bring home a wage. But, I know dad is in charge. We argued about this before.

I love my home comforts too much. So, I roll off the bed and onto my feet.

I make no objection; there are no excuses or pleas of mitigation. It is true I have been rude and cruel to my mother. Dad is in his early forties and not yet middle aged; but there are some flecks of grey in his otherwise light brown hair. I stand to the right of my dad, looking down at the platform I am soon to place myself across. Dad is thick set and his legs are fleshy; he has the start of a beer belly.

In a strange way he makes a comfortable platform for me to present himself. My positioning might be comfortable but what happens next will not be. I reach out my hands and place my palms flat on the carpet. Behind me my legs are short and dangle in mid-air, my toes an inch or so short of the floor.

Dad is not quite satisfied and moves me slightly to give himself a spank aim at my bum. My legs are now further from the ground and my story closer to the carpet. Dad has his little spanking rituals; he always has done. It is his job to prepare my bottom for punishment.

He will be the one to take down my pyjama bottoms. Dad rests his slipper on the small of my back and with both of his hands free, gently he takes the elasticated waist of the pyjama bottoms and slowly, carefully, eases them down over my hips down across my meaty and a little chubby cheeks until they are clear of the buttocks and resting at my thigh. I feel a slight breeze blowing across my exposed flesh from the open bedroom window. I am breathing a little heavily. I hope I can daddy it without blubbing.

Dad is taking his time. Then, taking as much time as he cares, he repeats the manoeuvre with the left sleeve. He is almost ready; but not quite. He moves the slipper from the small of my back and rests it higher up, near the shoulder. Then, just as carefully as he did with his shirt sleeves, he grasps the tail of my pyjama jacket and folds it once, then twice, until it rests neatly at my shoulders. I am now naked from the shoulders to the thighs. Dad takes the slipper in his right hand and grips it tightly at the heel.

The slipper has about eight inches of flexible sole; dad hovers it above my fleshy bottom; he could easy make one smack land across the centre of both cheeks at once. Or he could go lengthwise and wallop the whole of one cheek from the very top to the very bottom.

Daddy spankings

He takes the first option and brings the slipper crashing down three times across the centre of both mounds. I daddy at the shock of the impact and screw my fingers into a claw. Dad whacks another three a little lower this time; just where the curves meet the thighs. I yelp and my legs kick out behind me. It is an involuntary action; a reflex to the pain that is starting in my bum and travelling spank the back of my legs. Dad then goes for option two: putting three whacks the length of the left cheek and three into the right.

It is all in the forearm action and dad has perfected this method over many years of spanking me and my brothers. My cheeks clench tighter and the slipper hangs threateningly overhead waiting for them to relax in response to the curt command snapped out by my irritated father. The buttocks reluctantly oblige and the slipper falls with fury to slam another dose of intense pain into my naked bottom.

Up and down; up and down goes the slipper. I am failing in my resolve not to story. I groan or yelp as each whack of the slipper sinks into my meaty bum and remerges leaving behind another deep pink mark.


Soon dozens and dozens of images of the slipper are emblazoned across both cheeks and the back of my legs. I wriggle this way and that; to the left and to the right. But dad is having none of it and holds me tightly at the waist; I am going nowhere. My legs are flailing and first I kick the pyjama bottoms down from my thighs to my ankles and then after a dozen or so more wallops they are sent flying across the floor.

Dad has not finished; he wants to make sure I understand the gravity of my misbehaviour; so he wraps his right leg across both of my calves and I am trapped. I cannot twist at the waist and cannot kick my legs.

I hear floorboards creak. Someone is on the landing outside my room. I hear the handle of the door twist and it opens. My mum walks in the room and stands about two feet away from my face.

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She has a perfect view. I am totally, utterly humiliated. I gasp to catch my breath. I cannot see her clearly for the tears flooding my eyes. Why is she here? Has she come to gloat? He keeps a tight hold of me and I wheeze and wheeze into the carpet. Then dad releases me and I leap off his knee and hop about, with my cock flopping up and down.

By charles hamilton the second

Already she has turned on her heels and is leaving the room. She is anxious to get back to her television; Emmerdale is about to start. When the coast is clear I whip down my pyjamas and poke my bum in the mirror. I am not too shocked by what I see; this is not the first time dad has put his slipper across my bare arse.

Both buttocks are bright red and along the outer reaches of my globes there are clear imprints of the sole of the slipper. I touch the flesh gingerly. The pain has quickly subsided, but it is tender to touch. The very centre of my bum which absorbed most of the slippering is rough and leathery. I know from painful experience that quite soon dark blue bruises will show and they will be with me for some days to come as they turn a multitude of colours before eventually disappearing.

I wait a few moments and then go to see Tom my twenty-year-old brother in the next room. We compare my marks to the spanking he got from my dad last night. Related 24 comments […] When Dad got home […]. Like Like.

This sounds much like my dad and me. All spankings dad gave to any of us kids he always put us across his knee. I always have thought dad took a lot of pride in giving a good spanking.

He sure gave enough of them. I love having my pants and panties pulled down for a bare bottom spanking I am 25 years old but I still love getting my bare bum smacked by a female using a hairbrush slipper on a wooden spoon or your hand until my bear bottom is bright red with someone videoing it on my phone. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Once upon a time, in the land of never was , a place where big girls are sometimes little girls and their lovers are their Daddies, there was a girl and her Daddy.


I walked into the kitchen and my Daddy had a funny look on his face.


She had to admit that even she felt a flutter between her legs when she eyed the young lady, slim, a good figure, long flowing hair, dressed in a figure hugging sleeveless t shirt that showed off a bare flat midriff and a very short skirt revealing slim long bare legs.


A story inspired by a of communications with an internet friend, for which I am very grateful.