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Author's Disclaimer: This is a story of pure fiction involving sex with a minor. If that subject offends you, then don't read it. I have often been fascinated by the early development of the female body. It seems that young budding breasts and hairless pussies are hardly ever seen or used, but to savor the excitement of being the first to suck on that young nipple and make it hard in sexual excitement for the first time, or lick that sweet hairless pussy, probing your tongue and feeling the first juices of its making draining onto your tongue, can be a sexual high that few have ever known thanks to our antiquated laws. Candy was 11 when I first got to know her.


This one took a while while my motivation foundered. I have to remind myself not to try to grab hold of too big of a scope when considering things because then it feels so big that it's hopeless to even try.

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Creative overambition is the enemy. Chapter 2 was already written in my mind. Chapter 3 as well. I'm hoping that will come quicker.

I'm feeling very positive about this story and am eager to get deeper into it. There are some spelling error corrections thanks to flaredchance and I redid some of the behind-the-scenes stuff I needed to do to maintain the site. Speaking of that, the little information I was able to find about their outage was thus:.

But all that aside, things are humming for the moment, and Beth Chapter 2 is finally up! New Monstrum Factorum entry, because why not? This is the start of a semi-long adventure story in a similar vein to Monstrum but composed as one long story.

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If you liked the Monstrum stories and get as revved up as I do about the thought of monsters raping little girls then give it a peek. And don't forget to drop me an and tell me what you thought.

I hope I can keep cranking these out all the way through the end of the saga because I think it's going to turn out pretty good. The Barn Bitches draft was done a while ago but I lost the inspiration to finish it off and get it online. But I did finally do it.

I wasn't sure if the story would even be good enough to be worth the effort but I guess we'll see. Hopefully it turns out exciting. As for the site, well, I really don't want to make promises I can't keep.

"sick little girl"

Even working on a couple other drafts as the mood takes me, I'm not sure when or if I'll post more stories. I intend to keep the sites online, but updates will likely be sporadic if they happen at all. Thank you all for the s. I'm going through the daunting story of Ped now with the goal of answering everyone. The long break has helped my state of mind a bit, and I'm trying to muster the energy to keep writing my ideas.

There's definitely plenty of wicked little tales still swirling in my diseased brain and the ones that demand to be let out will find their way to the sometime, I'm just not sure when that will be. Thank you again, all. Made some major sex under the hood to the site to try to keep it consistent and working on all 3 domains. As always, if you notice anything broken please let me know so I can fix it. Barn Bitches is nearly done.

Ped sex story videos

Little girls having sex with dogs, sex with horses, sex with pigs - what's not to like? Yay, another monstrum story! And holy fuck is it long!

I had to break it up into pieces just to make it seem manageable, but it's dripping with all the typical crowd-pleasers: sex, rape, monster rape, little girl rape, impregnation, more monster rape, humiliation, violence, defeat, and a heavy layer of even more little girls being ritually raped to top it all off.

Truly grotesque. I love it. It took 4 months to write and is as long as 3 of my typical stories, so it was a bit grueling, but I'm hoping it all adds sex to an enjoyable fantasy tale. Think of it as a Hero's Journey story where all the heros are little girls who end up being raped and enslaved. The Loli Island video was downloaded so many times that I ran out of bandwidth. I've moved it off to separate file host now so hopefully my provider won't yell at me anymore. If you couldn't download the video the first time please try again.

A hypothetical: what would you do if you were a man Ped on a desert island with three girls?

Ped sex stories

Three young little girls? Three young and very naked little girls? I'm quite certain I know what I would be spending all my time doing, and it's the kind of thing that would get you arrested almost everywhere. Clark and Lily were kind enough to write up even more chapters for the Monstrum Factorum. The Shadow Gremlins and Camabahlam are shockingly depraved and deliciously rapacious.

Ped sex stories

Their appetites for the sweet cunts of little girls has been thoroughly and excruciatingly documented by the scholars. Pity the poor mages that fall in battle to these Monstrum, for the violently erotic bliss that awaits them is nearly beyond comprehension. So I'm not dead, at least not yet.

I Ped regret the long delay in updating the site. This story has been a long time coming, and now that it's finished I realize it is the longest and most thematically complex story I have ever written. I had thought I would always leave the origins of the Monstrum universe as vague as I could, but the pieces here fit far too well for me sex leave out. I have spent the last 5 weeks writing and writing and editing and writing more to try to make it a worthy story.

Even though I'm an amateur and the story is only about 55k words, it still represents many dozens of hours of work. Thank you to everyone who wrote to let me know you were still interested in the series. There are two short companion pieces that go with Grub, and as always, I have other stories in various stages of completion too. I hope I can story them and get them online in the coming months at a more reasonable pace. Sometimes a sex story can be written as a series of sexual scenes, moving from one to the next with little cohesiveness or overarching structure.

Such stories can be very exciting, and there's nothing wrong with them. I usually feel that if I'm expecting someone to read my story, that I need to make it worthwhile, with connecting thre and tangible themes that span the narrative.

Ped sex story videos

I had a lot of trouble finding those things for this story, but I eventually did. How well those ideas are executed is another matter though. I'm a relentless perfectionist, and hypercritical of my own work. Sometimes finishing a story can feel like failure when it hasn't lived up to the ideal set for it.

Ideas not handled well enough, plot gaps that you hope the reader will miss, spelling erors, sex scenes that turn out to be unexciting. So in the end, I have trouble knowing if a story is really good, whether it will touch someone and tingle their naughty bits and give them something to remember. The s I get are the only feedback, so thank you for sending them.

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It's a large undertaking to form scattered thoughts into something special that can be shared, and I'm always delighted when people share back. I realize that between my other stories, it's been a long time between chapters of the Baby Girl series. Although this caps off the story of their lives that I wanted to tell, I don't think it's the end. I'd like to write more stories in the same vein, told from Shae's point of view.

It is a revolting parade of horrifically explicit depictions of oversized insects copulating with schoolgirls, and if that makes your dick as hard as concrete then read on. The ideas are inspired by a fantastic doujin I found called Daisy Chainwhich, for lack of a better term, opened my eyes to the hotness of Japanese schoolgirls being fucked and bred by an endless parade of horny insects. The images lingered in my mind so much I knew I would have to write a story.

Bug sex probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but my next story should be a little more traditional. I was talking with BHaub a little while back and he mentioned some ideas for a cyberpunk setting, which got me thinking along those lines. I worked on the idea on and off in between other stories and the result is hopefully a fun read.

Ped sex stories

Ever wanted to program your own little year-old girl? Simply overwriting their mind doesn't seem like much fun. Much more exciting to train them, let them corrupt themselves willingly.

The Matrix style of ing pure capabilities seemed like an interesting direction. I had fun with this one and threw in some experimental oddities just for the hell of it. Bumcoach was kind enough again to create a PDF version of Pet.

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