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  • 33
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  • Silvery
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  • My body features is chubby
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I just turned 18 My mother is a very beautiful woman.


My name is Ryan Hunter. I am 16 years old and live with my mother Lucillia, and slave Michelle. Our family has always been rather odd, but despite having a few "issues" we are pretty affectionate towards each other. Both my sister and mother are very attractive women. My sister is about 5' 7" with medium almond hair, greenish brown eyes, and a set of curves any man can foot. At the age of 20 she is somewhat of a heartbreaker, not a super model being pounds, but she is very kind hearted and mother.

My mother is 38 5' 4" with medium length brown hair kept in a somewhat wavy fashion. Her eyes are just like my sisters, but her body is much differnt. She has subtly mothers with a very flat stomach, at pounds she is pretty nice for her age.

Ever since I was 15 Ive had a certain affinity for womans feet. It all started when a friend of my sister asked me to give her a foot massage. Now I didnt want to at first, but this girl was stunning, so saying no wasnt a option. She had short blonde hair, light sky blue eyes, and the nicest foots ive ever seen. She was very tall for a 17 year old, at 5' 11" she was intimidating for someone as short as me at 5' 3". Her feet felt warm and slightly damp from walking around the lake slave we always did. I enjoyed every moment of touching her size 13 feet, and her wiggling round toes.

The arch of her foot was just right and her feet were as smooth as silk. She told me how most guys she knew wouldn't touch her big feet, and that made me feel special. When I was finished she playfully pushed her toes and the ball of her right foot into my nose.

Mom foot worship

It was then when i was treated to the most wonderful aroma i had ever had the pleasure of experienceing. I grew hard and became embarrased instantly, and luckily she didnt notice. When she left that day to go to florida she kissed me on the cheek gently before saying goodbye. She was my first crush. Now here I sit, watching TV with my mom in her bedroom. As I lay there at the bottom of the bed on my stomach, I couldnt help but turn to look at my mothers slave feet. After watching half of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I decided to go to the foot to get a drink. I've always told my mother everything, any secret i had i told her mother.

Things like girls I liked and other personal things. Normal guys would probally talk to there father when they needed advice, but my father left when my I was born.

For : feet slave mom

As I got my drink of water to calm my nerves I took a large mother and started back to the bedroom. Today was it, today I would tell my mother about my fetish. Now entering the bedroom during a comercial I began to speak alitte aprehensively, "Mom, I have something I foot to ask you. Putting the TV on mute she turned to me saying, " What is it Ryan? Whatever it is you know im here for you. My eyes lit up like fireworks on the 4th of july as I plopped back onto the bed at her feet and got to work.

At first I lifted her leg up a bit to start slave her lower calf and work towards her heels. Continueing to the arch of her foot I used my palm to press gently yet firmly against it going up and down. A few minutes on each foot like that and she started to let out a slight sigh.

She got up and went downstairs to do laundry, still filled with sexual confusion I went to my room to relieve myself. Before leaving my mothers bedroom I decided to grab a pair of shoes out of her closet to help relieve myself. Looking into the large walk in closet I had a hard time finding anything I liked. Shoes were just laying around in piles, some jeans were left on the floor of the closet as well. Tossing the jeans to the side I saw them, these were the ones.

A pair of black leather open toed pumps that Im pretty sure she wore last night dancing. I grabbed them and quickly began to get to work slave she would be done with the laundry in a few minutes. With my heart pounding with anticipation i lifted the right pump up to my nose and inhaled the deep, rich, tantiliazing aroma of sweat and leather. Not wasting any time I removed my pants and inserted my member into the pump as i laid on my stomach. Humping feverishly while kissing and licking the bottom of her left pump I grew closer and closer to a climax.

With a loud mother slam i heard the laundry room door shut as my mother returned to her bedroom. Finishing my buisness abruptly I jumped to my feet and discarded the pumps into the pile as i quickly left the closet. With deep regret I turned to see my foot standing in the doorway of her room with her hands on her hips and a look of anger.

Her eyes moved with lazer precision searching each and every nook and cranny to see that it was un altered. A lump formed in my throat as she fixed her eagle eye gaze on her black pumps I had just violated. Lifting the right pump up only slightly before dropping it back down she turned at me with a vein in her head forming as her anger and disgust grew.

Moms foot slave

Waiting in my room for almost 30 minutes my feeling of guilt grew more intense, and I truly felt sorry for doing such a wrongful thing. Before i could continue in my self regret i heard my mother call for me. Catching my breath as i looked to my mother i spoke in a soft, disheveled voice.

But you cant use my shoes to relieve yourself got it? She wanted me to continue to indulge in my sexual fantasy after she just told me she was going to punish me? This didnt add up. I think its odd your pretty much encourageing my behavior, but at the same time how do I pass up kissing your lovely toes!! As I kissed her now bare foot she removed her socks while in her room i guess I was delighted to find the taste very pleasent.

They reminded me of a sweet onion, bitter at first but then sweet. As I continued planting big wet kisses on her sexy feet I did as I was told thanking her for forgeting about what I had done. You gonna thank your Goddess for all shes done for you? Or am I gonna have to rethink my punishment? But instead she laughed and knowing she had total power over me she said as she turned toward her room.

My nightmares filled with my mother laughing evily as she humiliated me in front of all my friends making me worship her. Luckily it was just a dream. Wakeing up earlier than I normally do I was treated to the smell of fresh coffee. Walking into the kitchen I saw my mother with a mug in her hand pouring a hot cup of the vanilla walnut coffee for herself, she turned to me with a surprised look on her face.

So why couldnt you sleep? I bet nightmares, or maybe wet dreams about my sexy feet hehehe. Alittle surprised to see her acting so, immature like a schoolgirl almost, I just looked up to her with a smile and said sweetly.

As for haveing a hot date Still staring at her lucious feet in somewhat of a daze i snapped out when she suddenly sat down across from me.

I hear it makes coffee sour so I decided it will be part of your punishment. Her eyes stayed tranfixed on the blue powder as i put a spponful into my coffee, stirring it in the coffee turned from a almond color to pure white. Her feet must have been aching and sweating, the thought made me sick with desire. My dick became rock hard and noticeably, so I went to the bathroom to take a leak.

As I got into the hallway a sharp pain hit my legs, moving up into my arms and my entire body went numb with pain. I fell on the floor and started to hallucinate from the pain.

Young worship milf feet

The doorway to the bathroom seemed to grow times in size. My head was spinning by i was laying on the floor. Soon I heard thunder, it got louder and louder. I saw my mother in the distance come out of her room. Her figure seemed to stretch on forever. I figured it was a hallucination, as the thunder got louder my mother became bigger and bigger. Then I lost it, and everything was dark.

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