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Pippa Garner is a crossover artist with a penchant for satirical inventions and ideas. Crumb and Al Jaffee to lampoon American consumerism and culture.

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Garner has been an absurdist for four decades, satirizing consumerism, marketing, and waste in performance art, videos, sculpture, installations, drawings and magazine editorials and art s. She modified a Chevrolet for Esquire magazine in that captured the attention of the San Francisco art collective, Ant Farm, leading to collaborations with Chip Lord in counter-cultural performances and media events.

Garner explores the ambiguous role of the automobile in American culture with a thoughtful combination of satire and bricolage, which enabled her to cross over from the avant-garde to mass media. In the late s, Garner began another crossover, by transitioning to a different gender.

The hyper-masculine, body-building, Vietnam veteran known for leading man good looks and charm made a gender transition decades before Caitlyn Jenner advocated for gender transition. I look at my body as being an appliance not unrelated to things in my works. This is something I have to work with.

I had a playful attitude, which was the same as my books. The exhibition takes its title from a series of Tinker Tantrum videos While artists have performed gender by playing with drag at least since Duchamp, few have been as subversive as Garner in both re-engineering their sexed body and legally changing the sex on their birth certificate post-op, two decades before transgender politics blurred gender binaries.

These drawings show the influence of Zap Comix, Mad magazine, automotive de training, and hood in Illinois when boys learned to become jack-of-all-trades from their fathers by tinkering with do-it-yourself projects. Although she skewers conventional logic, her madcap inventions lack the accusatory tone that characterizes some political art. Rather, her goofy, light-hearted touch allows her subversive satire to cross over to a broader audience.

Garner will be in conversation with Zachary Drucker today and with Laura Fried on June 3, followed by a performance. Discover the power of transforming difficult emotions in an interactive space for social, emotional, and ethical learning.

Pippa garner’s crossover art of gizmos, gadgets, and gender

Several members of the cohort identify as artists and storytellers, utilizing the power that art and narrative have on changing ideas of power. Lita Barrie is a freelance art critic based in Los Angeles. A and art ltd.

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Pippa Garner born , formerly known as Philip Garner, is an artist and author known for making parody forms of consumer products as well as custom bicycles and automobiles.


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