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Like many guys, I have masturbated since my early teenage years. In those years, I would do it at least twice a day, maybe more if I could get away with it. I was very horny as a teen. I recall one time sitting in a class before it started, and watching a particular girl.

I was examining her nicely outlined butt from her tight jeans. It was then I noticed an uncomfortable hard-on pushing my jeans up. I stopped looking at her and hoped no one noticed my stiffie. I worked as a bookkeeper for a man.

It even had a nice queen-sized bed in it. I played games and did some conversations during the downtime. But I also did several solo masturbation sessions in that bedroom—when I thought I could get away with it. I would look out and see that it was him, so I never got caught with my pants down. Though one time I came real close to it. Like he came into the room as I was zipping up and sitting down.

If he noticed anything, he never said or acted like it. This particular day, my dick kept letting me know it needed a release.

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So I eased myself onto the bed and pulled my pants down. My dick responded with glee at being freed from its daily captivity. As I rubbed the front, my dick immediately responded to my touch. Waves of energy rolled over my body, causing tingling feelings all over. A gentle brush of my fingers over the front of my cock sent a surge of orgasmic energy over my body. This was only the beginning!

The climax arrived in fairly short order, along with much groaning and pelvic thrusts from me. I really loved it when it felt that good. The orgasmic energy rolled over me in wave after wave. Now, in times past, I would edge for a while, then I would accidentally apply too much stimulation and cum.

That happened usually before I was ready for it to. This time ended up being different. I stopped all stimulation for a brief moment. I savored the wonderful feelings echoing throughout my body. In a bit, I slowly started up again.

The orgasm immediately kicked in again and knocked on the door to my ejaculation. So I stopped again, waited, then continued. It happened over and over. It felt like I could go on doing this forever. I was on the edge with all its wonderful sensations, but not going past the point of no return. On one of those adventures to the edge, some pre-cum spurted out. I let it roll over my fingers and sucked it off them. So sweet!

Then, during further rides to the edge, I not only got pre-cum but actual cum. In my excitement, I ate that too. I came and came and came, without ever going past the point of no return. I would hang off the edge, dangling in pure bliss. Then I would pull myself up and back over for another go. But I decided I needed to end it and get back to work.

It was more than an hour, probably closer to two hours. I could roll male up to the edge of orgasmic bliss and hang there, without any fear of going too far. That day, I became the Edging Master! With the decision to go for ejaculation, I kept applying stimulation. The sensations rose to a boil in my groin. My body arched as I came to the climax, flew high into the edging, and dived into my story with abandon. My cum erupted from my dick, shot up, and hit my chin. Creamy white cum continued to squirt forth as muscles forced it up and out.

The ride down from the crest was wonderful! I lay there for several minutes, basking in the sweet afterglow of all the orgasmic energy that had crashed like waves upon me. Finally, I rose and cleaned up, and went back to work on the computer.

But my mind remained on those last two hours of sheer joy and delight that I had just experienced. But that day stands above all the rest as the very best. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far!

Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! Great Story MaxLoving! I can relate totally.

Several times I have had to stay late at the office. Feeling really horny, I would pull my trousers down and just enjoy the ride. Like you, I have encountered the joys of edging for many years.

It's amazing how you can feel the orgasmic pleasure wash over you while still able to keep your magnificent hardon. As you mentioned, it's a treat when some precum or cum will make itself available. It's so sexy to watch it come out of the slit in great anticipation and lick it up.

Can you practice controlling your own orgasm alone?

The more you get, the hornier it makes you. My longest edging session was four hours. My wife left to go out of town and, figuring I would be edging, said to have fun. That I did. For four long hours of manly bliss thinking about us and the wonder of being a man.

God is an incredible deer and glory to His name for making our male and female bodies so wonderfully.

Amen, texasman! He has given us some amazing gifts through His creation, our bodies being one of the more special. Thanks for your comments. I'm a huge precum lover. One of the reasons I love to watch my hubs masturbate. His cock gets super hard and leaks so much precum. Hard ones at work have to be challenging to hide.

I know my hubby gets them when I text him anymore. Being a teenage male is often what I compare my pregnancy sex drive to nowadays….

As sexy and enjoyable as this sounds, I hope he wasn't paying you by the hour but for the work completed! Yes, he paid me by the hour, but he knew I didn't have enough work to fill all the time and I would be doing other things.

As his business grew, that changed, but at the time of this event, I would have more than a few hours of time I could do whatever I wanted. Of course, he probably didn't think that would be one of my activities during that down time. You mention "orgasmic energy" several times and you say that "The climax arrived in fairly short order," but you didn't ejaculate yet. Were you feeling an actual orgasm, or just close to it?

In other words, Did you get the whole feeling of orgasm before actually reaching the point of no return that le to ejaculation? I practice edging every time I masturbate, and it seems like my point of no return is at exactly the same point where my orgasm starts. Very rarely I stop a tiny bit before orgasm and still have a partial ejaculation, but I can't make that happen intentionally.

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I have recently been experimenting with orgasm control.


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I woke the next morning horny.