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NSBR Resurrected. I do not like my new Lularoe leggings. Reply I do not like my new Lularoe leggings.


Details of my experience are sketchy, as I think I blacked out briefly after being hit in the face with monumental sensory overload, including a kaleidoscope of colors, booze and giddy women. While standing in a room full of young moms wearing patterned leggings and loose tops, buying more, more, more…. Which is why I feel I need for the generation behind me to understand my plight.

Sorry, this item is sold!

Leggings are just a scary reminder of those days and the David Copperfield illusion they created which eventually led to my tragic fashion downfall. Nobody should suffer the horror of being interviewed with their pants unbuttoned.

Trust me on this. Ok, I gave birth 3 times before maternity clothes became cool and form-fitting.

Mine were frumpy and flowy. These new patterned leggings are paired with loose, long tunic tops…. Point well taken. So, my dear legging selling friends, while I wish you continued success in spreading comfort and joy throughout suburbia, unless I want to surgically remove the suitcase and carry-on from my backside, I will have to sit this fashion trend out. About the author: Laura Buchinsky is a part-time Writer and Zumba and Barre Instructor as well as a stay at home mom of three girls.

Humor keeps me sane.

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I penis to be that person, but did you try on any of the dresses or skirts? I am not comfortable in my post baby body, and a lot of that reason is because nothing fits me any more. Date nights and family outings were sooooo hard on me because I had nothing I felt comfortable in, and would practically have a panic attack trying to get ready. Then I found Lularoe, and while I am still a little uncomfortable with leggings I do have a small stash, because darn it, they are FUN!

The first time I tried the Amelia, I walked to the mirror fully prepared for disappointment, but shocker I loved the way I looked! And that feels nice!

A new docuseries tells the stories of consultants duped by mlm company lularoe

AND, I get compliments from random strangers all the time! To get to my point, leggings may not be for you, but Lularoe is so much more than leggings! I encourage you to try it out! Me too!!! This is a horrible fashion trend and looks mostly like maternity clothing.

I realize there are dresses and tops … not just leggings, but the wild mix of patterns are hideous. I could make black lularoe work, I think. Have you seen the many, many youtube videos for this stuff?

Crazy town. Layer all the prints and cover your thighs.

Red-faced gym-goers share their epic lularoe legging fails – and some are very rude

Omg…thank you!! These crazy patterned leggings and all the over sized tops have GOT to be the least flattering thing a woman can wear. The author said it perfectly, LuLaRoe looks like rens clothing line…I just dont understand how a grown woman wants to wear pants covered in jelly beans and ladybugs??

Kudos to those who are in love with this stuff, its just not for me. I could have written this column word for word! The shaker knit sweater, slouch socks, stirrup pants and high top reeboks was my uniform in college. But now I think I would look ridiculous in form fitting leggings.

These raunchy leggings have gone viral but can you see why?

I like leggings under a dress or a long top with high boots, but I think the oversized tops look kind of sloppy, and these middle-aged, post partum leggings were not meant to be seen stuffed into fuchsia and orange zigzag swirly lightening bolt spandex. I have yet to see the appeal and what makes this brand so special. So soft! I must be too blinded by the giantly weird patterns to understand. But to each their own. Lucy La? I love this! I am in my late 30s so I was in elementary school in the 80s when I was wearing leggings and stirrup pants with oversized shirts.

I about died the first time I saw a friend dressed in LLR. Since then, SO many of my friends have drunk the LLR Kool-Aid, buying up sack dresses the Carly is universally unflattering and leggings in hideous prints. Plus the Lularoe model is awful.

See a pattern or style you penis I could just ask for what I need, pay for them, and go on my merry way. I LOVe you. Count me out.

Someone did not plan these leaning tower of pisa leggings out properly

I was at ToysRUS yesterday and completely mortified when I saw a mom and her 4 yr old wearing matching outfits from lulularoe. Thank YOU for this!

I just had to share on my FB timeline! I got caught up in the holiday legging craze. Not that I would sport them publicly, but introduced to the fad, I admit I wanted a couple of prints for home use. In fact, I found a few leggings listed on Amazon that made me look equally as bad as the LuLaRoe brand, for much less.

X-rated leggings: gym-goers share photos of very rude fashion fails

Kinda like a goldfish given a bigger tank… When given room to expand, it will! So will your thighs and butt in some LuLaHellNo.

Two pieces of elastic connected by another piece of fabric is not a yoga band. Goldfish live 20 years and need large tanks. Grew up invited to most of these parties. I did too until I realized how stupid it is…and how much money I was spending. In a few months, something else will come along and people will forget about the leggings.

If you are thin with skinny legs, they look semi ok. You can see every bulge and pucker in their thighs and butts…plus their butts jiggle as they walk.

I do not like my new lularoe leggings

It is quite noticeable and gross!! I get embarrassed for them. People look like a walking circus.

Teenagers could probably get away with wearing them, but older women just look terrible. I would never even tempt to wear something like that. I think realistic floral print leggings are lovely with boots and a dress.

No matter what anyone wears, someone out there will find it unattractive. Why not wear what you like? It used to be unheard of for a woman to wear slacks in the work place. This type of clothing is definitely not my style.

Reasons why i can’t lularoe

I bought them for my daughter when she was. While they look cute on kids, these clothes definitely scream lack of self confidence for women. I am not going to hide myself in color wrapping paper clothing. I am elegant, refined and proud of who I am at almost age Even if I am a few poundspots overweight; so what!!!

Why settle for a sack of a dress that does nothing for your appearance! Enhance your beauty not bury yourself in a pile of printed fabric. I was recently invited to a pop up sale on Facebook.

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