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So I saw a funny The Witcher 3 mod that make Geralt have ollie power the other day, well, it's not that funny but it is amusing to watch, and to play. And I thought I wanted to share about other hilarious mods in video games too made by modders that as I said before, never cease to amuse me. After reading this post some of you may think why do people spend their time to create these and why would anyone use these. But you know what, there real question is. Why not?


We suggest you do a search for all these mods at home, or you can find all Xbox One mods listed right here. Finally a companion with some sort of depth. Heather is a custom companion that comes with custom lines of dialogue.

Heather has several quests, her own passive abilities, and a deep background story that is arguably better than most other companions found.


Do the five races have some sort of connection? I tried to find out, but was hopelessly lost. Or perhaps the random, craziness of it all is what makes this mod so hilarious and special. What the hell? For those who have, or perhaps plan to purchase any Fallout 4 DLC, this mod is ideal. Something so simple, yet so necessary. Taken for granted, most homes have blinds or curtains on their windows. Without them, rooms and homes often feel void or naked. Enter this simple, yet elegant mod that can transform your settlement into something a little more homey. Kinda crazy that after the war all the curtains disappeared, huh?

Once found, it will reveal all the locations of Fallout 4 map to you.

There is a much easier way to do this by entering a console command, but this is a bit more fun, right? That covers our latest look at the best Fallout 4 mods for every kind of player. Looking for more? Check out all of our favorites from updates below! Do you take the fashion of your characters seriously? Find yourself changing clothes to fit the situation? Look no further than Outfit Switcher. This mod allows you to save whole outfits as a hot-swap, allowing you to customize, save, and switch between them easily. For the melee weapon fans out there, look no further than the huge weapons mod.

Ever wanted to beat your enemies with comically huge melee weapons? Now you can! The sheer size of these weapons is hilarious, especially during those killing blows in VATS. The Commonwealth can channel storms that will amaze you with their power. This mod now makes them awe-inspiringly beautiful as well. The mod includes new heavy and unique weathers, lo of new intense sound effects, interior sounds, particle effects, textures, and more.

The mod works in both the Commonwealth and Far Harbor areas. For builders in the Fallout community, this mod is a must-have. Scrap Everything allows you to completely clear out every element within the borders of a settlement. You can start from scratch without having to waste time finding and disassembling everything in the environment. Is there anything worse than attempting to line power through a settlement and having to constantly bridge the connection? This mod increases the distance of power lines when building settlements.

For the comedian

Not only is it easier to wire up your whole settlement, but the extra length of the lines makes settlements look a lot less cluttered. This mod adds a new job in your settlements: the club singer.

As any settler to the position, and you can add up to 33 unique songs. For true immersion, be sure to dress those singing settlers in formal attire.

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Why charge into battle when you can send your minions? Fans of XCOM will find a lot to love in a mod that lets you manage a squad of troops navigating the Wasteland, killing on your behalf. The heavy fog and snow looks gorgeous, and the new cloud textures add a subtle but immersive effect.

It even adds some great sound effects. Sometimes homes in Fallout 4 can look too manicured and well organized. A real home is full of random junk, haphazardly set about on your shelves. This clutter mod lets you bring a little mess into your life.

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Turn that house into a home! Beast Master is an upgrade of a creature mod that lets you have Deathclaws by your side. This latest overhaul now lets you tame, command, name and even decorate your pets. Build a relationship with a giant crab! Our top pick this month is actually the result of the combined efforts of several modders, compiling their best customization mods into one helpful suite of tools.

Find new tattoos, scars, hair, and more, all compatible with each other. Look, Fallout 4 has some great followers, but you have to give a hand or eight to this Squid Follower mod.

This friendly giant squid can wear armor, claws, and boxing gloves! The mod also includes adorable baby-squid armor and weapons.

This is a truly fantastic… cephalo-mod. A massive heart-shaped swimming pool to lounge around with your favorite companions of course! Unlock all achievements on the fly, give yourself some ammo or load up on caps. Access to God Mode has never been so easy. At long last, the Fallout 4 modding community is getting around to creating robust story-focused mods, and I expect more to come now that the mod creation tool is in beta. The Ransacked Relays mod includes new missions and an entirely new era for you to explore. Even so, this Batman-inspired creation is too good to ignore.

Mods of the month

Just look at the bat al! Now someone needs to create Stark Tower for all the Marvel fans out there. This is the mod for you. Dynamic Depth of Field lets you control the auto-focus effect it creates, letting you capture the beauty of the Commonwealth like an expert photographer. Like the Campsite mod in the Honorable Mentions, Conquest lets you set up a camp while on the road, giving you a place to cook and sleep for the night. This is an especially great mod for the builders out there who still want to play survival mode. Achievements is the aptly-titled mod for the true rule breakers out there.

See, Bethesda has deactivated achievements for anyone using a mod. Simply download the Achievements mod and you can progress like normal without deactivating your mods. Dogmeat may be one of the best parts of any Fallout game. As we noted in our Game Dogs of the Year round-up there are a ton of reasons why the Fallout 4 version of Dogmeat rocks.

It lets you equip dog gear like bandanas, and even gives you access to four unique bite attacks. The new textures and additions to the environment inject some life into the often dismal-looking landscape.

Even though Fallout 4 takes place in a post-war nuclear wasteland, years should hopefully be enough time for some flora to take hold again. One thing that has always bothered me about the settlements in Fallout 4 is the question of why people would take the time to build shelter above ground, rather than using the existing vaults, or at least building their own underground shelter to protect against the harsh environment and creatures of the Commonwealth wasteland.

Feel free to keep growing your crops out in the sunlight, but when the Super Mutants man Deathclaws come calling, head underground and hunker down behind the safety of steel walls meant to withstand a nuclear blast. With this new mod enabled, you can crouch or stand behind cover and lean out to shoot when you aim mod your sights. You can even channel the roadie run from Gears and vault over low objects. The Wasteland is a cluttered place.

Help make sense of the world with this simple but ingenious mod that johns you create labels. Keep forgetting which mailbox holds your prized Gatling gun? Never again! We have the Darth Vader armor mod. We have the lightsaber mod. Now, at last, our Star Wars fantasy is complete. Top Pick : Nuclear Weather. Our pick for the graphics geek this time goes to the Nuclear Weather mod. This brings in an assortment of neat conditions, from Nuclear Winter, which blankets the Commonwealth in radioactive snow, to a trippy Time Warp effect.

Now someone just needs fat mod in a Fallout umbrella. Top Pick: Place Everywhere. Several cena already let you place settlement objects into or onto other surfaces, but this is the best. Place Everywhere also fixes some critical bugs found in other object placement mods.

Now you can finally build a house entirely out of floating Brahmin he!

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A deadly stinger, full-body carapace, and more than six legs pretty much guarantees you and this abomination of nature are going to be best friends.


When you bust out your Fat Man in Fallout 4 , it's because you mean business.