Jamie And Charlie Wife Swap
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  • I am 57
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  • Female
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  • My body type is quite slender
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  • Beer
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  • Latin
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Czerniawski was first in the news last June for allegedly stabbing her husband in a spousal Battle Royale Memorial Day weekend.


Women swap husbands, kids and homes for 10 days to gauge the effect of changes on both families and the lessons learned.

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Mon, Sep 12, 60 mins. A Mississippi mother of three who teaches etiquette trades places with a freethinking Massachusetts mom with three rowdy boys. One tries to teach manners to a trio of roughnecks, while the other allows the kids to have burping contests. Tue, Sep 20, 60 mins. A black North Carolina mom switches places with a white upstate New York mother whose unemployed husband uses racist language. The North Carolinian teaches the two New York children discipline, while the New Yorker introduces the two strictly raised young men to a freer lifestyle.

Mon, Sep 26, 60 mins.

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A baseball-obsessed Texas mother of two sons trades places with a Michigan hairdresser who has raised her daughter and son to express themselves. The Texas mom deals with being a financial provider and having no help with chores, while the Michigan woman copes with a family that thrives on baseball. Mon, Oct 3, 60 mins. An untidy Texas mother switches places with a strict, very neat Alabama mom. While one tries to cope with five kids, the other deals with an year-old, eight dogs and a goat.

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For the second week, the Texans learn about housework and a no-rules policy is introduced in Alabama. Mon, Oct 10, 60 mins. A Kentucky mother of two who's devoted to children's beauty ants trades places with a Pennsylvania artist who shuns makeup. Mon, Oct 17, 60 mins.

A career-obsessed South Carolina mother of two switches with a Texas mom who's devoted to her seven home-schooled children. Roz Bailey sends the Texas kids to a classroom and allows the sheltered daughters to date. Meanwhile, Paula Downs goes to work in S. Mon, Oct 24, 60 mins. A Manhattan mom switches with a Kentucky mother of five.

While the lenient New Yorker tries to adjust to rural ranch life, the strict Kentuckian is exposed to big-city party life. The Kentucky mom insists on a modest dress code for the two Big Apple kids, and the Manhattan mother throws a party for the five ranch children.

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Mon, Nov 7, 60 mins. A Rhode Island mother of three teens trades places with a hippie Virginia mom whose husband, a dozen years her junior, wears a skirt. The Rhode Island mom is shocked to beg for scraps with her new family, while the hippie cooks and cleans as her family parties.

Mon, Nov 14, 58 mins. A Kentucky hunting mom steps into the peaceful life of an animal activist in Arizona who only eats raw foods and is raising a vegetarian cat. Mon, Nov 21, 60 mins.

A military mom who helps run a fitness business trades places with an undisciplined mother whose lb. Mon, Nov 28, 58 mins. An atheist trades places with a pastor's wife, who leaves her Bible-study group to spend two weeks with a devout disbeliever. Mon, Dec 12, 60 mins. A career police detective in California trades places with a Maryland homemaker who believes in serving her husband's every need. Mon, Dec 19, 60 mins. A do-good mom who believes in teaching her children civic responsibility changes places with a free-spending, high-maintenance mom who pampers her children and her dog.

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Mon, Jan 9, 60 mins. A clean-freak mom who rules her family with an iron fist trades places with a construction-worker mom who lives in a messy home with six pets and no rules. Mon, Jan 16, 60 mins. A mom who believes in raising children without rules trades places with a mom who relies on structure, discipline and martial arts.

Mon, Jan 30, 60 mins.

Season 2 episodes

A penny-pincher trades places with a spendthrift who spoils her son and wants him to become star. Mon, Feb 6, 60 mins.

A shopaholic mom who spoils her kids and hosts in-home lingerie parties for a living trades places with a devoutly religious mom who homeschools her children and expects them to carry their weight in the family. Mon, Feb 20, mins. Updates on "Wife Swap" families and how their lives changed as a result of appearing on the show. Included: the Smoaks; the Bakers; and the Pitts. Mon, Feb 27, 60 mins. A woman who runs a Miami modeling agency and spoils her two daughters changes places with a bear-hunting, ice-fishing mother of five from Wisconsin.

Mon, Mar 6, 60 mins. A Wiccan priestess whose husband worships her swaps places with a traditional, stay-at-home wife and mother of two who waits on her husband hand and foot.

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Mon, Mar 13, 60 mins. A mom with a medieval mind-set and a 21st-century mom who holds two jobs switch families, creating culture shock for both women. Mon, Mar 27, 60 mins. A freak-show performer trades families with a former Miss Teen New Jersey who owns a tanning salon.

Mon, Apr 10, 60 mins. A strict, conservative mom switches families with a laid-back mom who wants her kids to be her friends. Mon, May 1, 60 mins. A rodeo champ who believes in chores and discipline for kids switches places with a free-spirited hairstylist from the suburbs.

Close Ad. Live TV. New This Month. More TV Picks. Wife Swap Season 2 Episodes. Season 2 Episode Guide Season 2. Where to Watch. Episode 11 Stonerock and Finley Mon, Nov 28, 58 mins An atheist trades places with a pastor's wife, who leaves her Bible-study group to spend two weeks with a devout disbeliever.

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During the first week of this reality series, the new wife must adhere to exactly the same rules and lifestyle of the wife she is replacing.


During the first week of this reality series, the new wife must adhere to exactly the same rules and lifestyle of the wife she is replacing.


Anna Kinison 26 and her husband, Jeremy 27 , of Arizona, are both freak show performers; Anna has stars tattooed on her face and Jeremy has big red claw marks on his cheeks and metal horns sprouting out of his forehead.


January 28,