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A game that doesn't hold your hand, Prey really makes you work to get your loot and access to the next area. Within the game, dozens of passwords and keycodes are scattered around on terminals, notes, or hidden in various other unlikely places that players might never think to look in. Due to this, it's common for players to miss out on quite a few locations. The game's access codes are divided into three : passwords, keycodes that never change, and keycodes that are randomized every time but can be found in set locations. This means that among keycodes, only a handful will remain the same from one playthrough to another, while the rest will be randomized but still discovered at set spots in the game. Disclaimer : Please note that if an entry does not include a code, that means it is randomly generated.


One of these supply closets can be found in the Machine Shop and will either require you to hack the door or find the code. To find the code, head to the second floor of the Atrium and make your way to the section between the Foyer and this large open area.

You are looking for a computer terminal by a window on the second floor to your right. It should be easy enough to spot thanks to the weird GLOO snowman some employees set near it.

‘prey’: where to get machine shop storage closet code

Now break into the Machine Shop there are various ways and kill the patrolling robots before they get a chance to converge on you. Slowly make your way to the back left, making sure to kill any Mimics you come across to find the storage room door.

Enter the code and attack the item that falls off the shelf directly in front of you as this is a Mimic. Remember to always read the various s and notes you come across as they will typically contain value information, lore, and codes you will need in Prey.

Prey - all door codes and keycodes

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That's retarded, the people in this closet are the first survivors you think you find when you go thru the survivors on the 1st security terminal you find on the first floor by the elevator!


In Prey, codes more specifically keycodes are used to open various doors and enter specific areas.


Amongst others we have the Prey Debriefing Room Safe Code , the Prey maintenance tunnel code , the Prey escape pod keycode , the Prey Psychotronics Keycard , the Prey security booth keycode , and the Prey hidden treasure code.


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