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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. Knowing that I like dogs I have 5an online buddy ed me three photos of his giant canine!


My wife and I have been married for almost 4yrs and I have a step-son. I always had dogs and at the time this happened we had 3 black labs.

My step-son would always called in one of our dogs named Blue to sleep in his bedroom with him at night. One night I woke up cause I had to piss, on the way to the bathroom I heard what sounded like my step-son, and Blue was playing because I could hear Blue panting heavy.

So I was going to open the door to tell my step-son go to sleep it was late, when I opened the door I seen my step-son completely naked on his hands and knees with Blue was just drilling his asshole.

My step-son said he was looking under his bed when Blue jumped up on him and there was nothing he could do. That happened a few months ago, now I sneak into his room at night and when I go into his room either Blue is fucking him still or Blue is done leaving his asshole well lubed up for me.

Last week I took my step-son and all three of our dogs on a camping trip.

I could hear him gulping down my piss, I watched my step-son get gangbanged by all 3 dogs, most of the time my step-son was sucking my cock, and drinking my piss. Now my step-son will follow me into the bathroom in the morning, he sits on the toilet, and he drinks my morning piss.

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