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Everyone in college knows that once Thursday rolls around, anticipation for the weekend begins. A part of going out is rocking that killer outfit, but by the end of the semester, it can be difficult to find new ways to mix it up before you hit the frats! So, here are 15 of the best frat party outfit ideas to spice up your weekend and make sure that every night on greek row is the night of your life! Whats next? Definitely one of the best frat party outfit ideas! Bodysuits are all the rage and black ones are so versatile that you can make a million amazing outfits with them.


We all know that when it comes to being a freshmanit becomes inevitable to make a couple hundred mistakes along the way.

How to dress like a typical frat boy

Fret not—we stand here to help you avoid one of those mistakes. You never go wrong with a completely black outfit.

However, your outfit must not give off middle school emo phase vibes. Frat houses tend to always get extremely hot, sticky and smelly, so prepare yourself.

Serving looks in all black will make it all worth it, along with the iconic frat party music — throwbacks, remixes, and everything in between. You look girly yet not too dressed up.

Denim skirts, leather skirts or lace-up skirts look chic tend to come off as great options to pair with a basic spaghetti strap or short-sleeve crop top. Let loose and let the fun begin the fun, but just make sure not to get too low skirt may rise, yikes. Like we said before, crop tops equivalate to a go-to. Most crop tops look cute and also quite flirtatious justgirlythings.

Frat party themes

If laziness sets in and you want to seem more casual for the night, then try pairing your favorite crop top with a pair of jean shorts. Rips in the jean shorts add more badass vibes if you feel like trying that mood for the night. Since most jean shorts look relatively plain in color, you may want to wear one of your crop tops that shows some sort of de, lace, open back, halter or a tie-up in the front.

If your bottoms look plain, make sure your top makes up for it.

Oh my gosh, this trend made a statement and overall really kicked it this year. Mesh tops work great for music festivals, concerts, bars and surprise, surprise frat parties. Mesh tops long-sleeve or short-sleeve paired with a bralette or bando underneath looks so chic.

How to dress for frat parties in the winter

You can choose to pair this with anything like a cute skirt, denim shorts or a pair of ripped jeans if you can stand the heat in the frat house. Flaunt those shoulders that hid during private school. If you want something more versatile, tube tops look aesthetically pleasing and work with a cute skirt, denim shorts, or mom jeans, ripped jeans, skinny jeans.

Sometimes you rely on sticking to the basics because in reality, frat parties get pretty dark and crowded, so why try harder than you really need to? Also, a lot of stores sell tube tops for inexpensive.

Button up shirt, khaki shorts, Nike crew socks and a pair of vans.

Shorts and pants for frat boys

You may even avoid getting charged to get in because you look like one of the brothers. If you want to change it up a bit, add a Vineyard Vines hat preferably backward. Please and thank you next. Want to receive extra acknowledgment? So, go dig into your packed drawer of VV apparel and find a VV t-shirt. To spice it up a bit, ditch your basic tan khakis and look for some khaki shorts with a bright color. Blue, green, red or pink? Totally frat boy.

Want the whole book?

To tie it all together make sure to grab your usual Nike crew socks and your beat up, dirty, beer-smelling Vans and hit the road. Want to prove to everyone you worked out all summer long? Grab one of your cut off shirts or find an old t-shirt and DIY it into a cut-off.

Grab some scissors, snip snip and finished.

Pair your cut-off shirt with some khaki shorts of whatever color you desire. Your outfit looks completed for a frat party.

The bonus includes that instead of getting beer all over your sleeves, the beer just sticks to your arms and looks all sleek and smooth. Want to look soooo frat and super simple? Throw on a polo. Like every other outfit pair a polo with the classic shorts—khakis.

Frat party themes

School pride and achieving a good time —I say you got a two for one deal right there. We love college.

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