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Throughout the Fallout franchise players have been able to create just the type of character they like thanks to the freedom of creativity Bethesda has provided. An immersive character creation system, paired with a long chart of perks is what has allowed the game to become so versatile over the years and to never bore its fanbase. While many of the perks are interesting and extremely powerful, some of them are just a little bit crazy. They might introduce very niche gameplay mechanics that most players would probably never use anyway, or sometimes they're just plain inappropriate and strange in every possible way. Either way, they're worth a shot for players wanting to a very different and silly Fallout experience.


Part 8: Of Henchmen and Perks Update 8: Of Henchmen and Perks Henchmen Now that we've got a pair of henchmen, it's probably a good time to talk about the improvements in the follower system for Fallout 2 and explain how it all works. One major difference that I can't show here easily is that your followers will occasionally gain a level when you do and get additional HP, better skills, and increased stats. Sulik has a unique command to provide hints for a given area, but otherwise all of the commands we can give are the same for everyone.

Your followers can attempt to heal themselves most aren't very good at itand you can give them a of commands. Distance commands aren't very exact, but can help prevent your group from traveling in a giant bunch. It's also useful to keep your ranged fighters away from you so that you can create a crossfire.

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This also affects how they move when you're not in combat, so you might need to adjust the distance based on obstacles. It can make them bunch up in doorways, but you have a shove command to move your henchmen is necessary. Under weapons, your followers will start off by giving you a breakdown of what kind of weapons they can use. You can also tell them to put away their armor and weapons, which is pretty handy in some situations where people won't take kindly to you or your followers having a weapon out.

Having them take their armor off just makes it easier to get it away from them if you need it for another purpose.

Speaking of which, you no longer have to steal from your followers when you want to trade items like in the original Fallout. You can just have them hand over anything other than money and give them whatever you want so they can act as your pack mules. Clicking on combat control from the main screen brings us to thiswhere we can set their AI behavior and tell them to use their best armor and weapon. Anybody who's played Fallout knows the frustration of having their characters decide to ignore the half dozen pistols you've given them to charge into battle wielding a knife while wearing the same armor they were wielding when you met them.

Being able to fix that goes a long way toward making characters useful and keeping them around. We also get a little summary screen, which shows us some basic information on the characters. Sulik is indeed a beast with his 85 HP, and he's only going to get better. We won't have that until around level The custom AI entry allows you to select from a of options to try and customize how your followers behave, with a greater or lesser degree of sutra.

It's not really all that necessary to use this sub-screen, but I'm sure a lot of people who are master with the game are interested in the Burst setting. Taking a closer look at it, you can see that some of the settings are greyed out and not available for all characters.

Sulik can only be so careful with a submachine gun, which is a very good reason to never give him one. Characters who are more accurate can be terrifyingly so; a later character who specializes in big guns once stood directly behind me and fired a minigun at two enemies on the fallout side of kama, somehow managing to not hit me with a single bullet.

I'd told him to be sure he wouldn't hit me, and he was sure he wouldn't so he went ahead.

We can close out with a look at Vic. He's got less HP than Sulik, but he's also got an additional skill. If you're trying to use repair skill, Vic will sometimes step in and do a better job than you can. It's not exactly reliable and sometimes he's kind of dumb about it. Perks As I mentioned before, Perks are upgrades to your character that you get every 3 levels 4 if you have the skilled trait that are almost universally positive.

A good set of perks can define your character and make a lot of difficult tasks much easier. One note about perks is that if you take drugs to raise your stats this will allow you to qualify for perks. Thoughts: Not bad if you're new to the game, and useful if you ever need to know exactly how much HP an enemy has.

This is actually useful more than you would think. Thoughts: A lot of people find this one really useful, since once you're in the inventory you can use whatever items you want and reload all of your weapons before clicking out of it. Thoughts: Not bad if you want to have a large entourage, but if you want that you'd usually just put some more points into CH. Scout Requires: 7 PE Repeatable: No Effect: You see a square further on the world map, and you have a higher chance of finding special encounters.

Thoughts: Useful if you want to go hunting for oddities. I'll probably put this on another character and go wandering the wasteland to show some of those off.

Thoughts: Not bad if you're not likely to have many friends and are thus going to have to carry a lot of stuff yourself. That said, there are better things to spend a perk on. It's a one time bonus, not a bonus to your performance or anything else. It's basically 25 free skill points if you were planning on spending any on Outdoorsman, which you shouldn't.

Thoughts: Same as Survivalist, only it's 40 free skill points. I suppose it's alright if you're playing that kind of character. You'll also probably hit near max damage resistance in the game anyway. Thoughts: 2 damage isn't worth it, but if you're insistent Since you already have 6 PE to get this, you've already got a pretty good score in that.

Thoughts: Might make you recover a bit more quickly while traveling or otherwise, but most of the time you're not going to want to be sitting around healing when you could be doing things. Everything I've found says this is also a level 9 perk, so now I'm not sure. Effect: Gain an immediate level up Thoughts: This gets you nothing that playing for another half an hour to an hour would get you.

Not worth the trade off for one of your few perk slots. I've actually never gotten this one, which is also why I don't know for sure if it's repeatable or not.

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It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help that much. Smooth Talker Requires: 4 IN Repeatable: 3 times Effect: You get conversation choices as though you had an extra point of IN Thoughts: If you're playing a dumb character, you're not doing it to see what smart people might say. Likewise if you have a smart character you've already decided to go that route. One rank of this will at most get you another level by the end of the game, and by the time you get another chance at a perk you'll have much better options. This perk will get steadily less useful the more you use it, and you can only increase a few skills with books.

Might change a bit of dialogue. Thoughts: You can also replace this one with good old fashioned practice. No, really, there's a perk you get for having a lot of sex that replaces this one.

Most useless perk

Thoughts: If you get knocked down it's going to be somewhat infrequent, and you only lose a couple AP getting up anyway. Not so useful for everyone else, but not terrible either. Blue is good, red is bad. Thoughts: Very helpful if you don't know the conversations inside and out. It would actually probably be interesting to play with this and see if I'm missing any good conversational gambits. It can help make up for some of the shortfall if you take gifted, and if you have nothing else you want to take this isn't a bad option.

Especially since it only helps your gambling skill. Surprisingly, however, you will end up doing most of your sneaking in the daytime. You can stack it up with a few other skills to get a pretty formidable bonus. There are much better critical increasing perks later, but this is a pretty good one.

Barter, not so much. This makes it much easier to use for characters who actually use it.

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Might be worthwhile for characters who are using Small Frame. Walking is slow slow slow, and if you accidentally click on an area twice you're going to take off running and break out of sneak mode.

All such worries are gone if you have this perk. This might apply to every bullet on a burst attack, making it more useful for characters build around those.

Most useless perk

Barter isn't really that useful, so this isn't useful. Fortune Finder Requires: 8 LK Repeatable: No Effect: You find more money in random encounters Thoughts: Most of your random encounters aren't going to result in money, so this is functionally useless. Heave Ho! Thoughts: Thrown weapons are crap, thus this perk is crap.

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Perks are abilities chosen every three levels or every four levels if you took the skilled optional trait.


You have mastered the firearm as a source of pain.