Erotic Kidnap Stories
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As they headed back to the Mercedes, Joan felt a slight push from behind, then blackness. Someone had grasped hold of her and placed a black pillowcase over her head. She was lifted off her feet and tossed into the back of a van. She felt giddy, then, her knees gave way and she passed out. Tossed into the van, Jude landed on top of Joan unconscious.

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Joan screamed but no one heard her call out as the van drove away and blended into the city traffic. Jude opened her eyes.

She was lying on a mattress in what she could make out to be a basement. The damp walls were covered in very old, peeling woodchip wallpaper, the floor was cold concrete and light came from a 40W lamp that hung from a cobwebbed cord.

In a corner, there was a chemical toilet and a bowl with a hand-towel and soap. Next to this was a gallon plastic container that looked like it was full of water.

Jude rolled over and sat upright. Joan was asleep on a second mattress. Jude began to sob. She crawled over to her sister, her neck hurting now as she began to remember what had happened in the car park. Jude had felt that her sister had married for the money. Jonathon was in his mid-fifties, balding and overweight. Jude, on the other hand, was almost totally opposite to her sister.

Jude had married for love. David was an American aid worker who had come to the UK for a holiday after three months of poverty and diseased stricken work in the depths of the Congo. A mutual friend, who could see the match was made in heaven, introduced them to each other. But sadly, it all ended too soon. David was killed the same day as her parents two weeks after their wedding. That was five years ago now, but it was still hard for Jude at night, when she remembered her short coupling with David. Joan and Jonathon had taken Jude into their home after the funerals and made sure Jude was made comfortable.

Jonathon even gave Jude a monthly allowance so that she could come and go as she pleased without worrying about money. Joan felt the losses too, but she had Jonathon to lean on. Joan began to come around. The effect of the drug was wearing off and it left Joan with a stinking headache. She erotic remembered the incident in the car park and began to tremble and cry. They could hear footsteps. A key turned in the lock and the door burst open.

Standing in the doorway was a man dressed in a black overcoat, wearing a skiing balaclava to hide his face from his captives. He brought two kidnaps into the room from the corridor and placed them, back to back in the centre of the basement. Shaking with fear, the girls obeyed. This allowed him to remove his balaclava.

The girls nodded a yes. Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you. You will be free to leave, and I will be a million pounds richer. Her blouse had unbuttoned itself in the struggle; she was braless. He admired her nipples for a story, remembering she was once a beauty queen not so very long ago.

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Are you hungry? He felt the strangest desire to kiss the girl, to take hold of her breast and suckle her nipples. They hugged and tears ran down their cheeks. Moments later, the 40W lamp pinged and they were surrounded by total blackness. He began to worry. It was late, past midnight, and she was due home five hours ago.

A slap came from the hallway. Thinking it was Joan trying to close the door without disturbing her husband, he stormed into the marbled hallway. His blood chilled as he opened the envelope. Jonathon jumped as his telephone rang in the study. Jonathon made excuses that the officer accepted and hung up. Joan and Jude sat up.

They had no idea of how long they had been locked up. In the total darkness, there was no difference between eyes open and eyes closed. The light hurt, and they both squinted. Doing as they were told, the girls sat back to back and placed the blindfolds over their eyes.

Now listen carefully. Every time you hear a key in the door, you must put the blindfolds on. Do you understand? They felt hunger awaken, as the smell of toast wafted into the room.

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The door closed and the key turned. Hearing muffled voices in the corridor, they removed the blindfolds. They ate their breakfast in silence. Fifteen minutes later, the second voice arrived to take away the breakfast tray. She was buttoned up and agreed with Jack, she was something else. They were just about all talked out and they were beginning to drift off to sleep again.

Joan fumbled in the dark trying to find the chemical toilet. She fell, bumping her head against the wall. At that moment, the key rattled in the door and the light came on. The man stood in his balaclava at the door.

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Jude, on the mattress, sat upright, her blindfold covering her eyes. She suddenly realised she was not wearing her blindfold. Petrified, Joan stood, supporting herself with the wall. She sat next to her sister and placed the blindfold on her head. Her breasts jiggled free as the material ripped at the seams.

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He pinched her nipples hard making Joan scream. Jude jumped, not knowing what was happening, she too screamed. The man slapped Jude telling her to shut up. Seconds later the light was out. That bastard ripped my blouse off me then pinched my nipples. Time dragged on. They had no idea of what part of the day it might be; their watches had been taken away when they were erotic brought to the basement.

By now they had been fed with three sets of toast and cereal. There was no sound from outside of the basement, if indeed this was a story. The girls drifted in and out of sleep. The light came on again as the key rattled in the lock. Joan made sure her blindfold was secure this time. She heard the two men enter the room. Joan could hear a muffled rattle, then two clicks. She recognised the clicks as a pair of briefcase latches opening.

A hand took hold of her arm and lifted her from the kidnap and forced her onto a chair. Then, her arms were pulled behind the back of the chair.

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She felt rope being tied around her wrists and ankles. She was bound to the chair. Joan felt coldness as the second man dabbed her nipples with what felt like a wet cotton bud. Some metallic rattling came from what she thought might be a briefcase, and then a sharp pain as her right nipple pinched hard.

Joan let out a scream and jumped in her chair. Joan felt a sharp pain as her nipple was pierced.

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