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How do I use Dreamwidth's image hosting? How do I manage my images once they've been ed?

Dreamwidth's image hosting service is available to all Dreamwidth holders. You can images either by posting byor by using the web interface.

Tumblr to dreamwidth — image hosting on dreamwidth

Currently supported image formats are. All users have a quota of how much disk space they can use. Free s can MB of images, paid s can 1.

To images using the web interface, go to the Images. You can set the security of the image and provide a title and alt text for the image. HTML is provided for you to paste into entries.

To post an image to your journal by ing it to the site, you need to make sure that you've set up posting by. Once you've set that up, you can attach an image file to an post.

Image hosting on dreamwidth

The image will be posted exactly as we receive it and won't be resized. The image will be posted at the end of the entry. Any text you include in the after you attach the image won't be included in your entry. You can multiple images at once by attaching multiple image files to the .

This will hide the images behind the cut. You can describe the image in the body of the entry, or edit the entry to include alt text to describe the image. Images will be posted with the same security as the entry in which they are initially posted.

For example, if your entry is posted as access-only, the image will only be viewable to members of your access list. If no security is specified in the post, it will take the journal's default security. Once an image has been ed, you can edit the image's security or delete the image from the Manage Images .

How do i use dreamwidth's image hosting? how do i manage my images once they've been ed?

You can embed images you've hosted on Dreamwidth in your own journal, in other journals, in communities, in comments, and on other Livejournal and Livejournal-based sites like InsaneJournal, but Dreamwidth does not allow images to be embedded on other non LJ-related sites.

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