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It was the latest of several references that the Arrowverse has made to the DC superhero series that started it all. Tait, which she and Clark believe to be the work of recently released convict Ray Dansk. Superman: Doomsday. Portrayed by series regular Allison Mack, Chloe was an original character created exclusively for Smallville by series developers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.


Philip Levens, who has appeared on the s of Frank Report in an expose on how he destroyed the life of his wife and mother of his children, is the Hollywood writer and show-runner who wrote the first seasons for the hit TV show, Smallville. On the surface, Smallville was about a young Clark Kent, trying to understand himself beyond being Superman. But she also was known to exhibit narcissistic tendencies. Before Chloe claimed her super-powers, her character had been committed to a mental institution by her mother.

Chloe sullivan had certain powers that mimicked and foreshadowed allison mack’s life in nxivm

At times, her character seemed malicious and arrogant. Her super-power was to take chloe over people by using mind control to get people to tell her what she wanted. This ability lowered her morality, as she made people tell her their thoughts without any remorse for how this affected their lives. Allison Mack was accused [and admitted to] sullivan women into believing they were ing an all-female sorority — and that with its healing powers and badass teachings, they could heal themselves and change the world.

Sound familiar? She lied to other women that he was not a part of DOS — and that it was, in fact, run at his command. When everything fell apart, she was willing to take the fall for it. She went so far as to tell the New York Times that she came up with the idea of branding women. At the trial of Raniere, the jury heard tapes of Raniere and Mack where it was clear that Raniere came up with the idea of branding as a tribute to himself.

Just as Chloe was willing to power her own life to heal someone and take a life to protect someone, Allison Mack was willing to ruin her life to try to save Raniere and destroy other lives [Think of her collateral where she falsely claimed members of her family were molesters]. Art creates life, or life creates art? We can really only ask the artists or writers and actors themselves.

Chloe sullivan

Not until after sentencing — at a minimum. I wonder then if Philip Levens helped create the character that Mack later became in real life — with Raniere? Mack will be sentenced one day soon, sometime this year most likely. It is my hope that she gets a lenient sentence.

I am sorry that she did not flip sooner on Raniere. It is known that Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg together tried to reach her [and spoke to her longtime manager] well before the New York Times story came out.

Catherine and Frank had hoped to persuade Allison to leave the cult and, if possible, turn evidence against Raniere. Frank, who knew Allison from the days he was a consultant for Nxivm, left his phone. If she had left then and worked with the prosecution, it could have been arranged that she could have gotten immunity, much as several others did.

It was her loyalty to Keith that destroyed her — even when everything fell apart, she stayed with him. Her life was destroyed. It was all for naught too.

She did not save Raniere. He was arrested first and has been in custody for more than two years. Based on his conviction, he will be in prison for many years to come. One year after she was arrested, in Aprilshe pled guilty to felony crimes of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy — which could land her in prison for several years. During her plea hearing, she denounced and repudiated Raniere.

Chloe sullivan (seasons 4 & 5)

She said he had been deceived by him. Her ultimate role in Nxivm, perhaps because it was not scripted, did not have a happy ending. But perhaps someday it will turn out alright. The best thing that happened to her was being arrested. For had the cult not been destroyed, she would be in it today, still slaving for Raniere and trying to recruit others into sex slavery.

Regarding mind control, my experience has led me to believe mind control techniques are a reality. It is what it is.

It talked about the success and failures. It revealed how Charles Manson, his clan and Jack Ruby were pawns in the testing of different mind control techniques. There is definitely there there. Yes, the talk around town is that the story is out but is anyone going to rescue the kids? Is anyone gonna bring the bad guys — liars, co-conspiratorsperjurers to justice or do we have to wait till they are frying in hell? What a bunch of garbage. Mind control from a TV script written almost 20 years ago?

Click bait and stupid.

Pete ross (season 2)

Does anyone know if Mitch Garrity is okay? He has had many issues over the last year and we should all be concerned! Seriously what causes you to mention Cirrhosis of the liver? Does Mitch Garrity have a drinking problem? He has seemed incoherent in the past; I simply wrote it off as early dementia.

Trial is clearly showing it and even the da stopped saying it because the fact is that Allison was a victim at the same level as other who was FORCED to do things under coercion…. This ,whatever she is, is actually talking like we are back at the beginning of the casewhen we knew not much about the reality.

She accused him…. Also, who is lacking empathy…It happened long ago and Allison is healing from the damage done to her life which were way worst then what the other victim had and believe me, you know nothing about her sufference And you come with an outdated version where you accuse Allison of many things that nobody said she was linked to….

Second, she flipped on raniere as soon as she could…as soon as she was arrested and her collateral locked by authorities. Especially since the trial showed how her implication was never close to the accusation made here.

Smallville season 11 (comics)

While it is a fact, Allison suffered the same and more while committing less but was never given a chance to be saved. Not that you will care as you live in your own fantasy. All this while other people with the same crime pedigree but with less excuses were given a free pass…. As a victim, in a modern country with a proper justice system, She would have been excused and helped… But she should be thankfull to go from victim of the cult to victim of the state? Worst, after the state is done, nutjobs like you still try to add stuff on her shoulder and ignore the FACTS and one particularly…she was a victim.

Anonymous your statement is patently false. Allison Mack sent a young woman to Keith Raniere for sexual relations. Allison knew that the women had been sexually abused and victimized. Allison ran a DOS pod all by herself. If you did follow the trial then you are the one who is delusional. Allison is a victim and she is also a criminal.

She deserves a year in prison. She helped to blackmail and coerce a woman into sullivan sex with Raniere. Last time I checked, blackmail is a crime on the state and federal level in the United States. The crime is a felony. After reading the GBD posts, there is also no doubt that Kristin Keeffe had a strong hand in the deception. The effort to recruit me included using Gina, through Kristin Keeffe, and God knows who else had an encounter with Steve Ose a time or two In Albany, one on the same night Kristin Keeffe was bar tending and I got severe food or drink poisoning to cyberspy on me and my ex at home in Malibu, CA and when I visited Albany — the dialogue that appeared on the GBD site between these real life characters is eerily familiar.

I know for a fact there was a key logger on our home computer I shared with my ex — right Bangkok? Point is: Keith and Co. In power, I feel lucky to still be breathing! Not a good look. More ignorance. Edgemont was also sullivan teen show. Janet Russo: Oh No! Did Basil Rathbone become a detective like Sherlock Holmes? If she were cast as Lady MacBeth would she become a murderess? If she were cast as one of the Three Witches in MacBeth would she become a witch in real life? If she were chloe in a project as Lucretia Borgia would she go out and start poisoning people in real life?

You have chloe made an excellent case for locking Allison Mack in a padded cell in a power hospital for the next forty years. I let her use her own words to describe herself before I comment on them.

ALL eight billion of them!

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Introduced in the series pilot, Chloe spends much of season one helping her best friend Clark Kent stop the citizens of Smallville who have developed special abilities from genetic mutations, caused by the meteor rocks that fell to Smallville in , from committing crimes.


After 10 years, Chloe was introduced into the DC comics.


Like most superhero stories, one of the most important elements of Smallville was Clark's secret identity.


The clever television adaptation of young Clark Kent Tom Welling followed the future Man of Steel, as he battled both puberty and the forces of evil.