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To make the citizens forget that he blew their tax money on a gold statue of the Sugar Smack Dig 'Em Frog, Mayor West drafts a bill that will make all same-sex marriages illegal, which is a problem for Brian who goes to great lengths to have the bill vetoed so his gay cousin Jasper can marry his Filipino boyfriendChris who only agrees with the anti-gay marriage bill so he can feel up a Blonde Republican Sex Kitten at schooland Lois who was raised to think that heterosexual marriage is the only acceptable marriage in the world.


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in. Gay Marriage. There is a big mix up in between and Brain comes to the rescue to help up his cousin.

Brian tries to make it a norm and convince everyone that it is acceptable in the community but Lois is not accepting of gay marriage. I believe this episode is trying to tell us that being accepting of the gay community is becoming a norm and shows some stereotypes of gays.

In this episode, Lois is the only one in the family that is against it.

Later on as the episode goes on, she becomes more accepting of it because she sees how much it means for them to get married. Lois gets mad at everyone, takes Stewie, and goes to stay at her parents house. She then changes her mind, but Brain has taken the mayor hostage because he placed a ban on gay marriage in the city. She speaks out to him and tells him that she is accepting of gays and that makes him very emotional.

It means the world for his cousin to be happy and then the mayor is convinced to drop the ban on gay marriage. Later that day they get married in the backyard of the Griffin house. I think this episode sends a strong message that it takes time to accept gay marriage but it can be done.

Mathew zeranski

I feel like these norms are very normal nowadays and that people should not mind about accepting gays. Many different stereotypes of gays come up in this episode of Family Guy. When we first meet Jasper is when the Griffin family is picking them up from the airport. Right aways it shows a gay norm that they like to wear flashy clothing. Jasper is wearing a bright pink shirt while his fiance is wearing a green shirt that also stands out.

When Jasper talks throughout the show, he tends to have a feminine voice which is also another stereotype for gays. Later on he is shown reading a bridalbook.

Gay weddings are a really big deal and he wanted it to be the most perfect thing. But then he finds out some bad news and is devastated.

Jasper is watching tv and they show the mayor saying there is a ban on gay marriage. He becomes very emotional and is having a hard time. Brian notices it and wants to help his cousin in any way.

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He makes a petition and goes around getting atures. He makes Jasper happy and has some hope. These stereotypes help us identity gay couples sometimes, not that that is important but it may help us accept them more often than not at all. Being around them and having people you know that are gay gives you a better understanding and might change your perception of them.

These positive messages are sent so people can better understand the gay community.

People need to accept that gay marriage is now legal and be more accepting of them. It has become a norm and will stay that way. Get started.

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