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for Free! Score 4. Recommended Read. Published 5 years ago. Martina waited at the railway station, sitting on the bench by the hanging baskets where the comings and goings of the morning commute was under way.

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Each person was an anonymous blur, out of focus as she stared into space, until the occasional fit-looking guy grabbed her attention. She was in the UK for the first time, having flown in from the Czech Republic and was taking a gap year from her studies to work as an au pair. Her agency had provided a few vacancies in Europe, but not so many in England, where she had hoped to improve her English and settle in with a nice family. She had just turned 21 and thought it was the right time to spread her wings. After a few minutes, checking her phone and making circles in the air with her toes, a middle aged woman approached, smiling.

I was here only a few minutes. Good journey? Everything arrived to the place, on time.

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Oh… yes! Ha ha! Is hot back home now! Just help me keep everywhere as I like it. In Saudi… Saudi Arabia. He spends most of his time in his room studying.

Probably best if you leave his room to me. Following the short journey from the station, Olivia showed Martina to her room and then gave her tea on the patio, which was connected to the garden by a few steps. Martina sat in the shade of a parasol and enjoyed her first proper British hospitality. As it was a week day, Ben was at college. Martina was curious to know more about him.

He is in a band? He plays the cello. She would just have to wait to see. As it was her first day, Olivia gave Martina a gentle start, merely showing her around and pointing out a few things, which she liked to be just so. After seven pm, your time is your own, but if you need any flexibility, just let me know. Also, you can consider weekends as your free time. It is well.

She was putting away the last of her clothes, in her bedroom when she heard the front door slam. She looked at the clock and then heard foot steps on the stairs. She wondered if it was her place to say hello, or wait to be introduced, as she had no idea of the social etiquette of the country.

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Her door was open and she waited, until the slim, athletic figure of Ben walked past. She saw a brief mop of fair hair and a football top. As he returned to head for the bathroom, Martina dropped her suitcase on the floor, which caused Ben to turn. You must be…? Au pair for your Mum. I mean… great! No problem.

Ben went to open the bathroom door and then turned to watch Martina walk down the stairs, her long blonde hair swishing, falling at her waist as her cute ass twitched in her jeans. Olivia had just returned from a quick visit to the shop and planted a bag of groceries on the kitchen table, as Martina entered. Great music writer. Her tasks were numerous but not arduous, but meant that Olivia was able to concentrate on her career, without having the house to worry about.

In her spare time, Martina listened to her English tapes and read her exercise books.

Her contact with Ben was quite peripheral and fleeting for the most part, except when she busied herself at breakfast and Olivia was around. Between his college work and practising his cello, which Martina found moderately annoying, they did little more than pass the time of day.

On her second Friday, Martina came down for a bed time drink. Olivia had already retired and Ben was sorting through some old vinyl records that his uncle had given him. Martina had assumed Ben had already gone to bed, so came down in only her nightshirt.

Her breasts jiggled underneath and her nipples were evident through the thin cotton. Ben stood up, hearing the footfall on the stairs and did a double take, when Martina entered the living room. His eyes darted directly to her breasts and he struggled not to stare at them as he spoke. Your Mum went up ages ago. No, I just… I was going up myself.

I want for some hot chocolate. It helps me relax. Ben looked away and then looked up furtively. I mean, after a long day.

How you… unwind? Nothing really. You should relax. I like to relax, before I sleep, do you know what I mean?

He looked down and studied her slim shapely legs. Suddenly her blonde hair, slightly tousled, was just too wonderful. I have already here been, sorry… been here two weeks and we never had a nice talk. You have? He moved from foot to foot awkwardly, shielding the front of his trousers.

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We all need that fantasy, Ben. Relax nice, Ben. We will learn each other well. She couched her conversations in such a way that she could give him just enough tantalization while always remaining on the right side of propriety. Martina complimented him on his attire before they left the house. I learn today — dapper. I go to the gym a bit.

Not enough really. More than okay! Also, I will go. Their conversations were beginning to thaw, although the Friday night was still in his mind. The sight of her in her night shirt and the idea of her being naked underneath had given him mental images that he was finding difficult to un-imagine.

She had put on a short red skirt with flesh coloured hosiery complete with a pearl white blouse and little red buttons. As she sat on the back seat, she crossed her legs ceremoniously and made no attempt to hide the gusset of her pantyhose.

Ben blinked and his heart missed at least one beat as he glimpsed between her legs. Martina looked up at Ben, who was pretending to look away, as she smoothed down what little skirt covered her creamy thighs. As he tuned up his cello and looked across the auditorium, he saw her sitting next to his mother. She smiled. At least the chairs in front, shielded her legs, so he had at least some chance on concentrating on his performance. He made one mistake during his performance, but he got away with it and more than likely would have slipped up, with or without the delicious images of Martina in his head.

When he was playing he focused and everything was about the music. But at other times, his mind began to wander and it was with a real effort that he prevented his semi to become anything more inconvenient.

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The house was empty, or so it seemed.


It was her first visit to North America or, more specifically Canada, and only her third au pair position.


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