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  • I'm from Indonesia
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Here you can read stories from others, -or submit your own story. Stories Here you can read stories from others, -or submit your own story. Received stories are published within 24 hours. Publish your story on this You can publish your story here, in the language you desire. Amputee Stories Real.


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David Pleasant My name is David Pleasant. Eric Eckenberger My name is Eric Eckenberger and when I was 20 years old my life was completely rocked Nick Di Lorenzo Hello, my name is Nick.

I was diagnosed at 15 years old, with type 1 diabetes Leah Maddox I am a below knee amputee sense and live a full active life. I work full time in the medical field. I lost my leg due to domestic violence in Wilson Parnell Becoming an amputee has been the single most beneficial thing to have happened in my life, thus far.

Robert Clubb I lay myself down to sleep and dream each night.

Why would somebody want to remove a healthy limb?

Every dream I am not an amputee I am whole and able to do everything I put out to do. Then I wake up David Begaudeau Hi! I'm David, I'm 40 and I live in France.

In I was hit by a car when I was on my motorcycle. My leg was too damaged, so it had to be amputated. Before this accident, I was a young man without I maintain a very active lifestyle, and from time to time experience issues with my prosthesis, fitment, etc Priscilla Satyamurthy In dreams, as in life, the unexpected comes from out of nowhere.

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I found myself depending on them to take me back in time to a more carefree and peaceful place Yvonne Glines The diagnosis was synovial sarcoma of the right ankle. Very rare for a female senior adult. The surgery option was knowingly 85 percent clean margins at best versus amputation Nelda Falknor It gives me great pleasure to share our photos and story.

The members of our support group recently celebrate April as Limb Loss Awareness month I am a bilateral above-knee amputee. I would like to describe my experience of living with limb loss Crystal Gibt The doctor said amniotic band syndrome was the cause for me to be born with only one arm.

When I was a fetus, my arm was tangled in fibrous strings called amniotic bands inside the womb Dema Amein I was an active girl. I got second place in a running contest, and I went to another city and got first place.

Why would somebody want to remove a healthy limb?

I challenged myself to run about one hour from my house to the cemetery to visit my father. Then the war Ron Witkowski In I began living life as an amputee. Sydney Learning I became a right above-knee amputee in June I had to have a knee replacement and developed many different infections within the knee. So, after 13 surgeries, the leg had to be amputated due to a rare infection without a cure Jenny Deatherage My name is Jenny, and I am a year-old wife and mother. In June I was admitted to the hospital because I had lost circulation in my left foot Catherine Uhles I have been a left below-knee amputee for six and a half years.

I have extra skin on the underside of my residual limb, which has caused multiple problems with fits on all of my various prostheses.

The last several suction prostheses would not Riley Toll I just wanted to share what happens when you speak up for what you believe in Jodi Centers My name is Jodi and I recently underwent surgery for bilateral amputations below the knee. I lost my right leg in January and then, without warning, lost my left leg as well Heidi Temple Hello, my name is Heidi.

For three years my surgeon and I tried multiple surgeries to save my right leg. Due to constant infections, I was faced with amputation.

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I had a below-knee amputation on December 3, Christina Macillus My life suddenly changed forever on November 11, I was a passenger on the back of a Harley. We were struck head-on. I got the worst of it, with 26 broken bones, five compound fractures in both legs, and missing bone in my Bayley Yates Before I was born, my parents knew something was wrong. The doctor thought I would have club foot. Not long after my birth we had moved from Arkansas to Colorado John Bowman I got into a amputee wreck three days after turning 18 on August 14, My injuries included compound fractures in my left arm and right ankle, a fractured story, and losing my left leg above the knee I lost my left leg 8 years ago and my right leg in May I'm an active amputee — I'm currently in a men's bowling league after relearning how to bowl JW As a normally moderately active, very positive, below the knee wannabe living alone, I recently ran into a unique situation where I felt that an essential rehab visit was in order, but was simply not covered by Medicare nor my supplemental insurance plans.

Photostory: losing a limb, becoming whole

Wendy Wallace My name is Wendy Wallace. I am a wife, a mother and a quadruple amputee. InI developed necrotizing fasciitis Sonia My name is Sonia, and I am a double below knee amputee who lives in the UK and didn't cycle at all when I was younger Norma Trujillo This is my story. It begins with a simple act of kindness.

Ex-alitalia flight attendants strip off uniforms in protest

On April 19,a single moment changed everything. I got out of my car to help someone push their car off the road because I was worried about their safety Michael Procop Inat the age of 61, I developed Charcots disease. This is a disease where the bones in the foot crumble. Between andI underwent four foot surgeries Robert Bob Bliss All my life I have been teaching.

Photostory: losing a limb, becoming whole

As an assistant day camp counselor, a summer camp counselor, and from running a swim school to teaching math. To help others in this Belma Islamovic I am original come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In I lost both of my arms from actions by the Croat Catholic people This January I lost my dominant arm due to a Rottweiler attack at home

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Susan Smith a pseudonym is one of a small group of individuals who are essentially amputee wannabes.


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