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Submit Cancel. A Half-Nymph Paragon brings to two parts of its heritage together and focuses them as one, becoming more powerful and more intune with their lineage than any normal Half-Nymph could dream of. Abilities: Charisma is the most important ability for a Half-Nymph, as it fuels the Half-Nymphs bonuses on charisma related skill checks.


Since the beginning of time, humans have always felt an allure towards the amazingly beautiful nymphs of the wilderness. On occasion, the nymph reciprocates the attraction, and inevitably as a result, half-nymphs are created.

The child of a nymph and a human brings together the dangerous combination of the nymph's appearance and body, and the human's versatility and mind. Usually the result of a paring of a nymph and a human but in some cases a half-nymph can draw their mortal heritage from a half-elf. Most half-nymph characters have nymph mothers, this of course being because there are very few known male nymphs.

However, there are some known instances of an extremely rare case where a female human does find and then fall for one of the few rare male nymphs and they reproduce, making a male nymph as the parent. Half-nymphs are born as a male or female with an equal chance.

Like their mothers, a half-nymph both loves and reveres nature to more or less of an extent, but unlike an actual nymph, a half-nymph does not have the dedication, or the long life span, to stay inside the nymph woods for all eternity. Half-nymphs are naturally charming and likable, getting along with most anyone they meet. They also will generally have the curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition of the human parent, along with the love of nature and free spirited nature of the nymph parent.

To humans, half-nymphs strongly resemble more of their nymph lineage, while to nymphs, they look more like humans. A half-nymph's height on average ranges from five to six feet tall, and weight usually ranges from 85 to pounds with males being noticeably taller and heavier than females.

With their amazing and sleek figures, deep penetrating eyes, full luscious lips, long silky hair and perfect skin, half-nymphs are needless to say an ideal standard of beauty for most humanoid creatures. Many half-nymphs tend to have blue eyes with hues ranging from bright sky blue to a deep topaz blue, but other Exotic and vivid colors such as Amethyst, Verdant Greens, and Autumnal Oranges and Ambers are by no means uncommon.

A half-nymph reaches adulthood at 20 years old, and can live to be years old. Half-nymphs, unlike most other races, retain their physical beauty all of their lives; even while on their death bed, dying of old age, half-nymphs rarely look older than a middle age human. Half-nymphs try to get along with everyone else. They are adept at fitting into many other races communities and making themselves valuable and welcome.

Half-nymphs particularly get along well with half-elves whom they see as kindred spirits being both half human and half of a what is seen as a graceful and beautiful race. Often, because of their intense beauty, most any humanoid creature and especially those of the opposite gender are quite happy to get along very well with a half-nymph.

Half-nymphs share the chaotic bent of their nymph heritage and like humans can be either good or evil. Their nymph heritage gives a greater chance of a good or at least neutral half-nymph, as opposed to an evil one. Like nymphs, half-nymphs value personal freedom and creative expression, demonstrating neither a love of leaders nor a desire for followers.

They chafe at rules, resent others' demands, and sometimes prove unreliable, or at least unpredictable. Half-nymph communities usually reside in wooded areas, most likely in the treetops. They are most generally isolated from other races except for elves and the nymphs that live in the forest that they call home.

They grow and harvest their own food from crops, livestock, and game animals and rarely ever buy their food, especially from dwarves.

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If the growing seasons are bad then they will accept trade from other communities. If there are individuals that live outside of the forest home, you will most likely find them in elf communities. Since it is rare for a nymph to breed with anything, this race is very rare. You will never find any bigger than a small town made-up mostly of Half-nymphs.

Half-nymphs are most likely to worship and pray to deities that have themes of nature or have aspects of nature in their portfolios or nature related domains. Half-nymphs do not have any language of their own, but they do commonly learn the languages of both of their parents while growing up: Common and Sylvan. Half-nymph names are commonly related to nature and beautiful animals eagles, cats, etcbeautiful concepts flowers, sunshine, etc or that merely sound beautiful.

Some half-nymphs may uses names that are Elven in convention or that mean something about nature or beauty in Elven. Some, few rare half-nymphs change their names to human names. Half Nymphs are inherently fey and show their fey heritage in many ways. However, some--through devotion to nature, time spent in the Fey wild or perhaps through a gift from their Nymph parent or other powerful fey--manifest their full innate potential.

By taking an additional 4 level adjustments, Half-nymphs can gain the Half-Fey template. Doing so grants them the following:.

Half-nymph template from dragon #

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Less often [than other combinations] but noteworthy enough for poets to create epic sagas of romance and passion, gentle woodland nymphs fall in love with those who live in their woods, men or elves who treat the land and animals with the reverence and awe such things deserve.


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Adrianne, a druid Half-Nymph, in the forest temple.