'Aïcha – The Mother of The Faithful

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

(June 1985)

June 6, 1985 (Ramadan 17) was the 1347th anniversary of Umm al-Mu'minin 'Ayesha Siddiqah (with whom Allah is well-pleased).

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Chastity and Hijab in the Teachings of Prophets Muhammad and Jesus

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat




In our age many people consider chastity as a value of little or no importance. In North America this became vividly clear when a majority of Americans were not overly bothered by the fact that President Clinton engaged in all kinds of sexual relations outside of his marriage. This erosion of the value of chastity seems to be connected at least in part to a very negative attitude in the West to the Muslim practice of hijab, which as understood in Islam, is a means and a symbol of modesty and chastity. This is ironically also true of those in the West who describe themselves as Christians, even though in the past centuries Christians prided at their sexual ethics and criticized Muslims for "promiscuity" because under certain conditions divorce as well as polygamous marriages are allowed in Islam. The new modern attitude on the part of Christians is no doubt due to their bowing to modern trends. However, for those Muslims and Christians who want to be true to their religions the most important thing should not be what the current trend is but what the Prophets Muhammad and Jesus had to say. In this article I examine the teachings of these two religious figures on the subject of chastity and hijab and in the process attempt to correct some Western and Christian misconceptions about hijab.

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Muslim Women and Community Life

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat


Women's participation in the work of Islam and Muslims has so far been very limited. Most of our sisters spend their spare time reading novels or watching video movies or making telephone calls and social visits to each other, during which they indulge in idle gossip and talk about who has more and better material possessions (TV's, stereo and video sets, cars, houses, etc.), unmindful of the words of God:

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When the Wife is Unhappy With the Husband

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat


Qur'an 4:34 (Surah Nisa, ayah 4) gives some guidance as to how to deal with marriage difficulties when husbands feel that their wives are being deliberately nasty to them. The Holy Qur'an also gives guidance for cases when it is the wife who thinks that she is being mistreated and feels unhappy about it.

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