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Rahimahu allah is not a prayer but a hope. When one prays one addresses Allah: "Oh Allah, have mercy...."


Rahimahu allah can be translated in two ways:


THE PUNISHMENT OF APOSTASY IN ISLAM Part II: An Examination of the Ahadith on the Subject

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

(APRIL 2007)

After having examined in Part I the issue of the punishment of apostasy in Islam in the light of the Qur`an (see we now turn to the examination of the issue in the light of ahadith. We will insha allah show that the authentic words of the Holy Prophet do not prescribe any punishment for apostasy. Ahadith in which the Prophet is reported to have prescribed the death penalty for this sin are either unreliable or are to be interpreted differently.

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About the Story of the Holy Prophet Getting Bewitched


Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

(August, 2004)


A brother wrote:

As-salam alaykum!


Al-hamd li Allah, a brilliant site. May Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom and increase your good deeds on the day of judgment.

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Burying a non-Muslim in a Muslim Cemetery and Vice Versa


Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

(October, 2004)


Can a Muslim husband and his non-Muslim wife be buried next to each other in a Muslim cemetery?

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Is There Zakah on Diamonds?


Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

(December, 2004)

This is an important question because its examination provides an illustration of the need to re-examine legal opinions of our great fuqaha of the past.

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