The Concept of God in Islam: An Introduction

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat


The starting point for the understanding of the Islamic concept of God are the phenomena or events that take place in nature and the world of man. Again and again, the Qur`an points to observable things and happenings — to heavens, with their decorative starts (50:6-8), to the earth, with its majestic, stabilizing mountains (31:10-11), to the sun and the moon and their movements on their well-defined courses (34:38-40), to the alternation of days and nights and the accompanying cycle of work and sleep (3:190, 27:86), to winds that, on the one hand, bring clouds and rain (30:48) and, on the other hand, make possible the movement of ships (10:22), to the great variety of life-forms such as plants that produce fruits and grains, each with a different taste (13:4, 34:32-35), to cattle out of whose bellies comes healthy milk from between blood and refuse (16:66), to bees and their production of honey, in which there is healing for men (16:69), to the fire that is ignited by man (56:71-72), to the birth of a human baby and the various stages that lead to it (23:12-14), to the variety of colors and languages found among human beings (30:22) and to events that take place within man, his mind and heart, and those that take place in human history (41:53).

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God or Allah

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat


The question has often been raised whether in English we should use the word God or Allah to designate the Creator and master of the Universe. The answer to the question has, in fact, been given by the Holy Qur'an itself. In Surah Bani Israel the Holy Qur'an says:

        "Say! Call upon Allah or call upon Rahman: by whatever name you call upon Him (it is well): for to Him belong (all) the most beautiful names." (17:110)

Thus it is of no great importance by what name or word we call upon our Creator. What is important is that we have the right beliefs about Him, that we have faith and trust in Him and that we develop an inner relationship with Him through prayer and remembrance.

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God and Love


By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat



This article is an excerpt from a book that Dr. Ahmad Shafaat wrote in 1984. It has been condensed here with some clarifications that are enclosed within square brackets '[ ]'.

Much has been done to distort the true essence of the Qur`anic version of Islam [note that according to the Qur`an, every prophet and messenger of God brought the same message to humanity: Islam (a commitment to live in a harmonious alignment with the Divine Law that is created by God Alone for the benefit of humanity -- and this brings about peace within one's own 'self' and through interactions with others, within the entire human community)]. One of the teachings of Islam that has been widely distorted is the nature of God's love towards humanity in general, but towards an individual. This article will attempt to explain this commonly misunderstood and hidden aspect of the Qur`anic message, and is aimed towards those who have sincerity in their hearts.

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