Capturing the Elusive Muslim Unity

(Based on a Friday khutbah delivered on July 30, 2004)

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

We have been talking about the need for unity among us for so long and yet unity never comes and strength never follows. In fact, it seems that the more we talk about unity, the more we get divided. Is it not time that we ask ourselves why unity so alludes us despite the fact we talk about it and our din stresses it?

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Dhikr Allah


(Based on a Friday khutbah delivered on April 1, 2005)

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

Dhikr has two meanings:

            1) Remembrance

            2) Reminder, statement, mention.

Dhikr Allah can then have four meanings:

            1) Remembrance of Allah (by us)

            2) Remembrance by Allah (of  us)

            3) A reminder or message coming from Allah

            4) A reminder or message about Allah

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(Based on a Friday khutbah delivered on April 8, 2005)

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

Fikr means thinking. Like many other human activities, fikr can be for good or evil. There are many people whose thinking is directed towards harming others or in the service of falsehood and injustice. An example of this is mentioned in the Qur`an:




(Based on a Friday khutbah delivered on April 15, 2005)

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

In this khutbah the following issues are examined in the light of Islam:

Call by a Muslim writer to suspend hudud

Threat to Masjid al-Aqsa

Imamah of a woman in salah

Call by a Muslim writer to suspend the hudud

Today the Muslim countries are in the grip of unjust systems created by oppressive dictators and kings and supported by some ‘ulama al-su` (scholars who out of malice or weakness or lack of understanding serve injustice and disobedience to Allah and his Messenger sall allah ‘alayhi wa sallam).



(Based on a Friday Khutbah delivered on May 27, 2005) 


Dr. Ahmad Shafaat

The desecration of the Qur`an that recently took place in the American torture chambers of Guantanamo Bay is not the only incident of its kind. Similar insults of Islam and its holy Book took place in some American prisons of Iraq and Afghanistan. And we do not known what goes on in the numerous secret prisons that the American army has built thoughout the world.

The USA’s racist ally “Israel” also practices desecration of the Holy Qur`an in its Megiddo Prison. In fact it is quite probable that the idea of such desecration came from the Zionist land usurpers. The USA army often avails itself of the long experience the Zionists have acquired in suppressing legitimate Palestinian aspirations and efforts to regain at least some of their usurped land.